New Landscape Ideas for Fall!

Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter – Top Five Things To Do For Success!

Like all things gardening, whether or not the Topsy Turvy tomato planter works for you or not is dependent on a lot of things. The first thing is…

Spring Planting Bulbs for Summer and Fall

You can start working on your spring planting bulbs as early as late winter or in the spring depending on your climate. Some spring planting bulbs such as the freesia and wax begonia get overlooked for planting but are just as pretty as other summer bloomers.

Tips on Bare Root Plants

Bare root plants have no leaves and little or no soil around the roots that are sold while they are dormant. Bare root plants are less expensive to purchase than the ones that are already planted in a container.

What Is Raised Bed Gardening?

Raised beds are used for square foot gardening and has become very popular because it is the common sense approach to gardening. There are many advantages to this method over traditional row gardens. More plants, less weeds, and no backaches, just to name a few. This type of gardening is especially useful if you live in an area with poor soil or little rainfall during the summer.

How to Grow Your Own Chives

If you have a hard time growing plants in your garden, you may have heard how easy it can be to grow an herb garden. One of the easiest herbs to grow and care for is chives. Chives are the smallest species within the onion family. Here are some tips on how to grow your own chives.

Transplanting Plants for Beginners

Transplanting plants can be a daunting procedure for any beginner; however, if you follow these ten steps, you will see that it isn’t that difficult to do. 1 Before you even go to the nursery to buy your plants, survey the area where you want to do your transplanting and answer the following questions: Which part of your garden is shady? Which part is sunny?

The Use of the Garden Tool Cultivator 3-Prong Long Handle

The garden tool cultivator 3-prong long handle is great for the use in any garden area. It works for the removal of weeds and also to break grounds.

Tips For Keeping Flowers Fresh

Fresh cut flowers add beauty and a sense of welcoming warmth to our homes, whether those flowers are daisies and dandelions picked by your child, flowers you cut from your own garden or those someone you love sent you from the florist. However, as thrilled as everyone is to receive flowers, it makes us a little sad to see them wilt away and die so quickly.

LED Grow Lights

Has the day of the LED light finally come? This is a question that lots of eco-minded hydroponic gardeners have been asking themselves for years now, and for good reason. There is research on the web describing different light spectrums and achievable watts per square foot ratios that sound impressive, yet for the novice gardener very little practical advice on the subject exists.

Creating a Beautiful Perennial Border

These are the steps I take in preparing and creating a genuine herbaceous border that is purely dedicated to herbaceous plants and does not include the planting of shrubs, but can include using bulbs or annuals to help with all year round colour. Before starting work it is important to plan the overall size of the border; one tip – if anything, go for as much width as possible, because one must try to imagine what the border will look look in three years; and trust me, there will never be enough space! The more depth to a border…

The Use of the 3 Point Hitch Garden Tractor Cultivator

A 3 point hitch garden tractor cultivator needs a fifteen to twenty horsepower to operate properly. Less means that the motor would not be able to turn the motor.

Growing Organic Raspberries

Growing organic raspberries have a dual usage; berries for eating and leaves for tea. Raspberry leaves can be dried and used for herbal and medicinal teas. Learn how in this article.

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