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Impatiens – Best of the Bedding Plant Starters

Impatiens come in single and double flower varieties. The single-flower Impatiens are best for planting in large groups. The double-flower Impatiens resemble tiny roses. For the gardener who prefers the color orange, the ‘Eclipse’ Impatiens with its pointy leaves is the perfect choice. Bright green streaked leaves belong to the ‘Accent Stars’ variety and fluorescent blooms or ‘Wink and Blink’ are destined to brighten up any garden. For large blooms try the New Guinea hybrids.

Nasturtiums – Fiery Flowers of the Garden!

Nasturtiums are best known for their fiery colors of reds, oranges, yellows and golds. Looking like a Victorian lady’s parasol, these dainty flowers are framed by round emerald green leaves. For a brilliant splash of color in the garden try planting the bright red ‘Empress of India’ Nasturtiums. Or, light up a flowerbed with the fiery yellow of the ‘Whirlybird’ variety.

Vermiculture – Earthworm Reproduction – Sexual Encounters of a Very Weird Kind

To say that earthworms have a bizarre reproductive system would seem an understatement to anyone but a trained biologist. Firstly we have to grasp the concept that earthworms of all types, including the red compost worms used in vermiculture, are all hermaphrodites. This means they have both male and female reproductive organs and when two worms have a sexual encounter, each individual produces both eggs and sperm.

Indoor Gardening Supplies – Make Your Green Thumb Greener

Planning the garden can really be exciting. Just being able to see the seeds grow into little plants and then produce their fruit is just amazing. All the different shapes and colors and tastes can make the most finicky eater ask for seconds.

Indoor Fruit Trees – 5 Benefits of Growing Citrus Indoors

Did you know there are almost a dozen different varieties of indoor fruit trees? These beautiful, easy care trees are increasing in popularity as people discover the joy of growing citrus right in their own homes. Let’s take a look a the top 5 benefits of owning an indoor fruit tree.

Disadvantages of Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are great for many things. but its not all great, they do have some downsides. This is a quick look at some of them.

Container Gardening Tips For Gardening Dummies

Every time you grow your own plants, every time they sprout from the earth through container gardening, you get a satisfactory feeling. Why? Because you knew their origination! With food poisoning in foods like vegetables, why take the risk? Many people are starting to grow their own produce instead of risking an ER visit.

Winter Flowers – Yes You Can Have Four Seasons of Color

This discussion includes not only winter flowers, but shrubs, evergreens, ornamental grass, and trees you might use to make your winter festive and colorful. Don’t forget to group your winter garden flower pots in the best possible site, and use garden planters suitable for winter gardening-not fragile terra cotta pots, in other words. Avoid placing pots on concrete (it gets too cold) and group plants together in a site shielded from wind.

It’s Time to Start Some Hardy Leeks

Start your leeks in late winter and get a head start on these mildly flavored and super-hardy plants. Learn the best way to start them, how to plant them for the best growth, and how to keep them in your garden for year-round enjoyment in soups and savory dishes.

Indoor Fruit Trees – Beyond the Meyer Lemon

Are you interested in growing an indoor citrus tree? These easy care miniature trees are perfect container plants and they happily thrive indoors. And while Meyer lemon trees are the most popular variety, several more unique types of indoor fruit trees are now available…

Learning How to Care For an Orchid Has Its Rewards

Learning how to care for an orchid may be one of the more difficult aspects of gardening, but it is certainly one that yields fabulous rewards when you look at the end product. The very fact that so many people invest so much time into learning how to care for an orchid should give you an indication of how satisfying it is to see your creation grow into it’s full splendour.

Drip Irrigation For Your Pots – 10 Steps to Well Watered Plants!

How would you devise a home made drip irrigation system for your pots? Can such a system indeed be useful?

Vining Plants For Varied Foliage Patterns

To show off vining and trailing plants to best advantage, place them where the softening effects of their natural growth habits will look appropriate. Younger, smaller specimens take to tables, window ledges, shelves,and plant boxes where they can spill gracefully over the edge and follow their normal inclinations. Older, larger plants, if too big for such placement, can be trained on a variety of supports, such as moss sticks or trellises, where they can send growth upward.

How to Create a Flower Garden to Please the Eye

No garden is complete without flowers. A lawn and trees are beautiful in itself but to enhance this beauty you need to add colour, textures and dimension to add to the picture. Like a painting, dabs of colour enhance the central point, completing the whole picture.

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