Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponics System Tutorial

Growing Rose of Sharon Shrub Hedges in Your Garden

Growing a Rose of Sharon hedge in Your Garden is an excellent way of creating a private garden area during the summer season. Changing the appearance of your garden can be easily done. Regardless of the size of your garden, you don’t have to spend more time, money, and effort in improving its appearance.

Five Fun Styles of Solar Fairy Lights for Your Garden

There is nothing that adds a touch of magic to a garden or patio like some pretty solar fairy lights, with these fun light features providing enough sparkle for all your garden parties and evening drinks outside in the summer. Even when the weather gets colder and the nights get darker, adding some of these lights to your exterior space can make everything seem a little less gloomy.

How to Store Winter Squash Safely After Harvest

Nature has developed an amazing collection of winter squash and pumpkins in various colors, forms, flavors, and textures. We can enjoy them for many months after they were harvested when they are cured and stored correctly.

Growing a Successful Indoor Garden

Growing your own veggies and herbs indoors has been a thing for many years now, despite the fact many people believe it is hard and ineffective. Sure, it is always better to devote your time and efforts in creating a large outdoors garden, but that is not always possible.

Building a Beautiful Wattle Fence for Your Vegetable Garden

Wattle Fences are rustic, simple and beautiful additions to your garden, not only are they barriers but they can help in reducing soil erosion. Wattle fences are cheap to build since all materials can be locally harvested.

The Basics of Canning

With all the preservatives in food these days, it seems that more and more people are taking up an interest home canning their own food. There are several things that a person needs to keep in mind if they plan on processing canned food for the family.

Grow Healthy Plants With Effective Watering

Watering the garden seems like a pretty simple process. Just spray some water on your plants and watch them grow, right? Well, that might work okay but there is a better way to water for healthier plants.

A Few Things to Plant This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your yard and garden for a beautiful, healthy start to spring. Here are a few things you can plant to get those beneficial results after winter begins to thaw.

How You Can Recreate Beatrix Potter’s Garden With Modern Plants

Ideas you can use to recreate the look of Beatrix Potter’s famous magical garden. Using easy to grow modern day plant varieties, you will learn what it takes to design an low maintenance English themed garden that even Ms. Potter would be proud to visit.

Making Gardening Easy With Perennial Plants

The best and fastest way to add color, texture and beauty to any garden is adding perennial plants. Perennial plants are fast growing non woody plants that can easily change the look and feel of a garden or landscape.

Use These Lazy Gardening Techniques To Make Gardening More Fun And Less Work

If you don’t have lots of time to invest in gardening, but would like a plot of your own to care for, then these tips will get you on your way. Lazy Gardening Techniques are easy and quick ways to prepare garden space without digging in the soil and limiting weed growth.

Simple Ways to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Whether you’re just beginning to garden or have an established garden, adding a few specific plants can attract hummingbirds for your enjoyment every summer. Tips and plant selections will get you on your way to sighting hummingbirds this summer.

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