One Year Updates on Plants Added to Landscapes A Year Ago

Grow Your Own Organic Food Instead Of Being Ripped Off By The Over Priced Stuff In The Stores

There is a growing trend of people who are choosing to eat organic food. Organic food is often associated with the garden grown vegetables that come from someone’s back yard. But just because a label says something is organic, doesn’t mean it is any better than the non organic food. Sometimes it is, but often it is just more expensive.

Preparing and Tending Your Orchid Soil

An important part in orchid growing is preparing and tending your orchid soil. Preparation of the soil starts with figuring out which potting media to use. Popular types of orchid soil include sphagnum moss, fir bark, perlite, tree fern and synthetic or man-made products.

Do You Need A Backyard Landscape Company?

When planning a backyard landscape one of the first decisions to make is which type of grass to plant. There are many different types of lawn to choose including artificial turf which is gaining in popularity because of its low upkeep. If choosing natural turf choose the type that will handle the local environmental changes.

Gardening Is Becoming A Popular Hobby

In today’s fast pace society, the younger generation tend to be “too busy” for gardening and outdoor living. Most live in small apartments and even hardly see a garden patch at all. However, it is also noted that while the young are neglecting their gardening skills the baby boomers are finding time and money to invest in outdoor plants and gardening tools.

Information on Oncidium Orchids

Oncidium orchids are the most popular indoor orchids around due to the fact that they produce dozens of beautiful flowers during their peak growth season. There are also dozens of different species to choose from. The proliferation of the plant across the continents has allowed it to cross-pollinate efficiently.

Growing Organic Tomato Plants

Growing tomatoes organically can have plenty of benefits. It provides you fresh tomatoes with no harmful side effects of chemicals and pesticides usually common in commercially grown tomatoes. It also offers you economic benefits since you don’t have to buy from the supermarket since tomatoes are growing in your garden. It is beneficial to your health. Gardening is a great stress and tension reliever.

Differentiation of Main Orchid Types

There are a huge variety of pure species and hybrids of orchids, however many people do not know that there are actually only two orchid types. The first type is the terrestrial orchids which are essentially the species which grow from the ground. The second type is the epiphytes which grow outside and above ground, like on rocks, trees or even poles.

Requirements For An Aquaponics System To Produce Fresh Vegetables And Fish

If you are considering setting up an aquaponics system, you are probably aware of some of the benefits this kind of system has to offer. There are many questions people often have about how the system works. Here are some of the basics about what aquaponics is and how it works.

Plan Before Planting a Vegetable Garden

In times when most families are looking hard at the amount of spending on grocery bills, planting a vegetable garden becomes a viable option that achieves two things; it helps reducing the cost of the family vegetable bills from the local supermarket, and it offers the opportunity to sell or “give away” excess produce to other family members or friends or neighbours. This will also reduce their grocery bills and will be much appreciated. Starting a vegetable garden is not particularly difficult as long as you put enough thought, time and effort into what you would you want to achieve from your garden. It’s essential that you plan your vegetable garden first before planting.

Aquaponics DIY – Ideal Solution for a Limited Space Garden

If you love to garden and the idea of growing your own vegetables sounds appealing but you have limited space or no access to fertile soil then an aquaponics DIY garden may be what you are looking for. Aquaponics systems can be as small as an aquarium purchased at a pet store or as large as a commercial system with several acres. The system concept is the same just on a much larger or smaller scale.

How to Attract Hummingbirds: Tips and Ideas on How to Best Attract Hummers in Your Garden

Hummingbirds or or hummers as how they are referred to are the smallest bird in the world and the only one capable of flying in one place. They may seem miniature and frail-looking but they are fast, forceful and vigorous. And definitely,they are beautiful and astonishing, so having them in your garden or backyard is truly a great experience. Here are some tips and and ideas on how to attract hummers in your garden or backyard.

Types of Organic Fertilizers and Compost

If you do not use chemicals and just try to fertilize your plants the organic way it can prove to be a pretty difficult task. Chemical fertilizers are definitely more convenient. Most of them come in a form that must be mixed with water followed by being sprayed on the plants. But organic gardeners also have a great way to fertilize their garden, namely compost.

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