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What You Should Know About Planting Climbers

Once the soil has settled, dig a hole 18 inches away from the wall or fence, large enough to accommodate the full spread of the roots, for bare root plants and about twice as wide as the root ball for container grown types. The planting hole should be the same depth as the root ball. As you dig, place all excavated soil on to a sheet meet to the planting hole. Then, you need to fork over the soil in the bottom of the hole. Add well rotted manure or organic matter, such as garden compost to the soil as well as a handful of bone meal and gently fork it in, use later gloves for protection when handling bone meal.

Planting Orchids – Don’t Use Regular Potting Soil

I have a friend who was given a large beautiful orchid as a gift. After planting her new orchid in a new pot with nice rich potting soil, she watched it die a slow death. She learned the hard way that orchids have different requirements than regular houseplants.

How to Avoid Yellow Orchid Leaves

Yellow leaves are a common indication of when your orchid has not been properly hydrated or has not received enough light. Light is very important to consider when owning an orchid plant. Many orchid species require about 12 hours of diffused light every day.

Vegetable Garden Design

Growing vegetable gives you an opportunity to relax, whilst preparing crops for future harvest at the same time. Vegetable Garden Design has to be planned ahead of time before setting out your garden.

3 Easy Tips on How to Water Orchids

Offering your orchid the right growing conditions start with giving your orchid the right amount of water. This article gives you 3 easy tips on how to water orchids correctly. These tips include how to water orchids and when to water them for healthy, beautiful orchids.

Hydroponics For Beginners

The first thing about hydroponics that anybody will notice is that there is no need for soil. Plants only need soil for outdoors growing and gardening as the plant roots would grow and collect nutrients that are in the soil. However, if the soil is nutritionally insufficient is nutrients then the plant would die.

Organic in the Garden – Profits to Be Made From Starting Your Own Worm Farm

For the backyard worm wormer you can start with a small commercially available system and move up from there. Worms breed relatively quickly under the right circumstances. Poor breeding conditions can include extremes in heat and cold as well as heavy rain.

Fresh Herb Gardening is a Sure Winner For Delectable Meals

Fresh herb gardening is a wonderful way to spice up your cooking bringing a bouquet of savor to your taste buds. Many meals require the use of salts and “fatty” ingredients to add taste to food, this unhealthy need can be substituted with the natural and exceptionally tasty herbs. Herbs are bombed with antioxidants protecting the body against cancer and heart disease which just by this statement should be enough to switch anybody over quickly.

How to Grow and Stake Indeterminate Tomato Varieties

When growing tomatoes it is most definitely helpful to know the different tomato varieties so that you can choose tomato plants that suit your growing situation. Find out what indeterminate tomato plants are and how to grow them.

Organic in the Garden – Popular Raised Garden Beds and Their Uses

Nearly all nurseries, hardware stores and garden centres will have several different types and sizes to suit all kinds of requirements. From small options for singles living in units to larger models for bigger yards and families. I have even seen models suitable for use on a balcony, though these are usually glorified planting tubs and boxes.

The Differences Between Magnetic and Electronic Ballasts

People new to indoor gardening often ask what the differences are between magnetic and digital ballasts. To begin, magnetic ballasts have been around since the birth of fluorescent lighting. Magnetic ballasts use copper coils and transformers to power a lamp. If you’re just starting out and want to get growing cheaply, magnetic ballasts are the way to go.

The Two Main Types of Orchids

The two types that make up all species and hybrids within the orchid family are the epiphytes and terrestrial orchids. They differ in that the terrestrial types grow from the ground while the epiphytes flourish when they are embedded in trees and surrounding rocks or poles.

The Three Answers to Keeping Your Bonsai Happy in the Summer

The summer months are a stressful time for your bonsai. if you are not taking care of them as you should be, you are making it even harder for them to survive. There are really only three things you need to be doing to ensure your bonsai at any time of the year – but especially in the summer. Read more to find out.

Orchid Plants Care – Make Your Choices Carefully!

In normal circumstances, orchid growers have to face so many difficult choices to take care of their plants. One of the most difficult decisions is about watering of your plants. Decide and think carefully how much you should water your plants to grow faster.

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