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Eco Friendly Lawn Care

It’s a Saturday, and you’re out shopping at your favorite garden and home center. You notice even they have reusable shopping bags. You pause at first because in your mind you connect the bags with reusable grocery bags in the grocery stores.

Learn the Basics About Herb Garden Plants

If you want to create a herb garden, you need to have a basic knowledge about plants. Herbs can be classified as perennials, biennials or annuals and should be treated accordingly. Knowing a bit more about each of the herb garden plants you want to use will help you decide how and where you will plant them.

How to Make a Homemade Hydroponics System

Hydroponics are fast becoming a popular way of growing vegetables and other plants and many home gardeners are giving it a try. Purchasing a ready made hydroponics system can sometimes be very expensive and most people do not know that they can build a Homemade Hydroponics System rather easily and without all the expense.

Growing Herbs in Pots

Herbs need a lot of light and warm weather for them to flourish. Winter can take its toll by stopping their growth and many herbs die when left out unprotected. You can save your herbs and ensure they continue to grow and are healthy during the winter by bringing in the plants and creating a windowsill herb garden.

Tips For Using Herbs From a Home Herb Garden

Once you’ve grown your favorite herbs in a home garden, you may want to store some for use later on. There are many ways to keep your herbs full of flavor and beneficial oils. In order to retain as much of the nutritional ingredients as possible, it is important to take the right steps.

What You Need to Know When Growing Kitchen Herbs

When it comes to growing kitchen herbs, it is a good idea to know as much as possible about the herbs. The more you know, the easier it will be to keep your plants growing healthy and strong. The better your herbs grow, the better they will taste when you use them in fresh and cooked dishes. The most common herbs grown in a kitchen herb garden are basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano and mint. While each of the herbs may have a preferred environment, there is a general environment that is conducive to all herbs growing well.

Indoor Herb Gardening – What You Should Know Before Starting One at Home

Indoor herb gardening is a hobby that more and more people are taking an interest in. It’s so simple that many are growing herbs plants on their windowsills! Of course, the right lighting, moisture, and temperature is needed in order for them to grow, so it’s essential that you have the right knowledge before you attempt to grow herbs in your home.

“I Have to Mow My Lawn” – Get Control of Your Lawn With Ease

Mowing your lawn can be a pleasure if you take the right steps. Steps to follow to make your mowing life easier.

What is Compost and Composting All About?

The word compost is old French componere; to put together. Compost is a mixture largely of decayed organic matter used for fertilizing and conditioning the land,( Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary copy right 1993).

A Raised Trough in the Garden

An arrangement in a raised trough can work well and last for many years if you select low growing subjects with relatively small bulbs so that the shallow nature of the container is not a problem. Daintiness is another factor to consider here. Miniature daffodils, such as narcissus, new baby or sun disc, would be perfect in this situation, as would hawser and bell song.

Daffodil Planting in the Container Garden

Daffodil bulbs should also be divided at this time. Carefully separate the clumps and replant in two or three pots. They will not come to any harm if they are left for two years, but after that their flowering will diminish as they become overcrowded. When you are repotting make sure you use fresh soil based compost soil mix. Rose worthy is a striking pink trumpeted daffodil, which is both reliable and a good neutralizer.

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving Dinner Relied Upon the Gardening Secrets of Squanto

Squanto is known to many Americans for his special place in American history and particularly, the First Thanksgiving celebration. What many Americans know is that Squanto helped the Pilgrims overcome challenges that are being faced by a new generation of Americans.

How to Grow Rose Cuttings

The art of growing roses from cuttings has been around since the Victorian era. The common name for this practice is probably better known as propagation. Propagation of roses is an inexpensive way to grow roses as you can obtain cuttings from friends or even from your own roses and there are a variety of ways to grow roses from cuttings.

Growing Herbs – What You Need to Know to Get Yourself Started

Herb growing does not have to be an ordeal with frustration. Start by learning and using these tips.

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