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Caring For Your Rose Bush

The rose is truly the most graceful and exuberant flower, and when it comes to caring for your rose bushes only the best should come to mind. Roses are grown worldwide, and they can be healthy in many different environments.

Why Grow Tomatoes Upside Down?

Have you ever tried to grow tomatoes upside down? If you have watched those informative commercials they show on the TV, you will probably notice how well those tomatoes have grown to be. These commercials make growing tomatoes in the downward direction look so easy, that I sometimes think that could be the reason why tomato plantations are becoming more and more popular each passing day. If you still have never grown tomatoes upside down, read through this article.

Quick and Easy Pruning Tips on Rose Bush Care

When doing moderate pruning you only need to cut the strong stems back to about half of their length. The stems that are weak need to be removed altogether. For a light pruning, you will cut the canes back about 2/3 of their length. Light pruning is good during the rose’s active growing season to encourage more blooms and shape the bush.

Buy a Retractable Garden Hose and Get a Neater Garden

A retractable garden hose allows you to easily reel in your garden hose after use – it is as simple as that. Personally I believe that any contraption that makes something easier to do, also increases the chance that this “something” will actually get done. When we are dealing with a water hose, its care and maintenance, this is pretty important.

Gardening Questions – What Are the 5 Best Easy Plants to Grow in My Garden?

What are the 5 best and easiest plants to grow in my garden? Tomatoes, Lettuce, Radishes, Peppers and Cucumbers. I’ll tell you a little about planting each one.

How to Send a Rose Bouquet

Roses have been around for centuries and the meanings associated with them date back centuries as well. While most of us know that red ones are a symbol of love, not everyone realizes that each color of this flower has a very distinct and time honored meaning.

Using Organic Gardening to Raise Beautiful Roses

Few sights of sheer beauty are more spectacular than a finely pruned garden of roses. However, this eye-appealing visual doesn’t simply happen by tossing down a few seeds or planting stems and then waiting to see what happens. Beauty takes work. And in your organically grown rose garden, there is even more to do – but it’s fun and (in the end) enriching. Read on to understand what is involved to create this type of beauty in your garden.

Where Roses Grow Wild and Free

Wild roses are liked by many gardeners because they are less vulnerable to diseases, pest attacks, and are quite comfortable growing along side weeds! Discover some of these beauties…

Koi 101 – Taking Koi Images

One of the most essential things to do in keeping track in your craft as a koi breeder is by taking koi images. Koi images are fundamental tools in taking care of your koi, this is done to supervise their growth and progress.

Clearing Late Spring Bedding Plants From Your Flower Borders

The best time time to clear borders is when the weather is dry as the soil shakes away from the roots very easily so lifting plants will be so much easier. What remains of the plants will be good for adding to your compost heap.

How to Prune an Orchid

Orchids do not need to be pruned in the same way that you might prune a tree or cut back a bush or large flowering plant to keep it attractive looking. You shouldn’t cut the leaves on an orchid. When orchids bloom though, you need to remove the dead blooms and flower stalks.

A Couple of Top Gardening Tips For July

Once early Spring herbaceous plants like the hellebores have finished flowering, they are ripe for seed collection. Early summer is also the time to prune soft fruit bushes like red currants and gooseberries.

Is Your Wormery Dying? – Wormery Troubleshooting 101

When building a wormery there are countless problems that you can run into. These problems will plague your wormery forever unless you can identify what you are doing wrong and correct it.

How Much Sunlight is Enough For Rose Planting?

The morning sun is the best instead of the afternoon sun since it will dry the dew that promotes fungal growth. This relieves your rose leaves from developing mildew also. As with any other roses, organically grown roses need the right amount of daily sunlight. They too can come in varieties that can tolerate shade but it is best to consult with your local nursery to see which roses would be the best to plant in your area.

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