Our 10 Best Shrubs That Produce Berries

The Magical Art of the Bonsai

Instead of working on the unnatural, the modern landscape designers now use pieces of nature with emphasis on life. Life is beautiful and they are now embracing its full potential. You can enjoy the beautiful vegetation that you would normally see in the forest and have it in the comfort of your own home.

How to Make a Japanese Garden

Japanese Gardens are one of the most serene gardens you can find. Some of the common elements you can find in the Japanese gardens are grasses and rocks. Rocks are great because they provide a strong foundation to build your garden on. If you want to make a Japanese garden you have to look at the article to help you make it.

Compost, How to Make It

Compost is an organic matter, usually garden debris, that has been allowed or encouraged to decay. To be a successful organic gardener, you will want to take advantage of the benefit of using a compost. It is useful in improving fertility and texture of planting beds and is an important constituent of greenhouse and potting soils.

Birth Month Flowers

Maybe most of us have heard about birth stones, while do you know the birth month flowers? What are the birth flowers? Have you ever wondered the meaning, symbolism and significance of the birth month flowers?

Grow ‘Upside Down’ Tomatoes for a Healthy, Huge Fruit – A Unique Perspective

Growing tomato plants upside down? Why on earth would anyone want to do that? For a number of reasons, actually. Less stress on the branches as they develop, better air circulation around the entire plant and no need to use staking for support are just three of the reasons. In this article we will explore this phenomenon in full.

5 Great Tips For Upside Down Tomatoes

You may think that planting tomatoes in a pot or in a garden is the only way to grow them but you’re mistaken. Surprisingly, there is another way of growing tomatoes. You can actually grow them upside down!

Why California Poppy Seeds Are Ideal for Your Garden

California poppies are one of the world’s most loved plants. Their cheery blooms will liven up any quiet corner in your garden, and their versatility means that you can use them in a multitude of locations in your outside oasis. They are also extremely easy to grow, and whilst they are only annual in nature, they will produce hundreds of seeds to ensure that you have flowers in your garden for years to come.

The Beauty of Oriental Poppy Seeds

The world of poppies is a large one, with a huge range in the species and types of this wonderful plant available for your garden. An extravagant number of annual poppies exist that you can fill your garden with to add vibrant seasonal color. However, if you want to enjoy poppies year after year without the extra effort of sowing and growing new plants every season, then the beautiful Oriental poppy family is for you.

Growing Apple Trees in Containers

The horticulturalists have come up with dwarf versions of some of the fruit trees; these can be grown in large containers. Apples are a popular choice and easy to grow. Dwarf plants are real trees that have been grafted onto dwarf rooting stock so you choose the variety you want. Choose a healthy plant that has several strong branches.

Robotic Lawn Mowers – Do They Really Work? Tips and Advice for Prospective Owners

We all dream of having a beautifully cut lawn without doing the work ourselves. Enter robotic lawn mowers, hard working little machines that will keep your lawn beautifully maintained while you relax. But are they right for you? The technology has come a long way and owners that have reasonable expectations for this new and evolving technology love their robot friend. With many different sizes and features, there is an automatic robot mower to suit every type and size of lawn.

Plants That Are Perfect for Your Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets add character to your yard or porch and the good news is these require very little maintenance once the baskets are planted. If you start gardening in the air with some down-to earth planning, the path to success will be smoother with hanging baskets involves a careful assessment of the type of plants and cultural requirements necessary to grow your garden beautifully.

3 Tomato Growing Tips Your Neighbors Would Kill For!

Healthy, sweet, juicy delicious tomatoes involve several factors that not everyone may be aware of. Some of the factors, such as climate and growing season, may not be in your control, but other factors can definitely be controlled. I’m going to let you in on three dynamite tomato growing tips that you can use wherever you live.

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