Our Supertunias Truly Are Different, Here’s How!

Finding Good Heavy Duty Equipment for Your Domestic Needs

If you live in a house, you can typically benefit from having a few heavy duty tools in your shed, especially if you like to keep things in order and tend to do a lot of maintenance on your yard and the surrounding area. There are many different machines that can make your life a lot less complicated in this regard, but they all require a slightly different approach to their shopping.

Is It Possible to Grow A Poinsettia Plant in Your Home Vegetable Garden?

This is not a commonly asked question here in Canada – most gardeners seem to concentrate on cultivating crops that can be preserved and consumed; however, I’m sure that some gardeners would like to cultivate a poinsettia in their own home vegetable garden. Let me start off by stating that a poinsettia plant is not native to Canadian soil, but rather, it is native to southern Mexico and Central America. Here in Canada, we must grow a poinsettia plant indoors due to the weather factors that we deal with.

How To Grow Thyme From Seed

When we think of thyme, we generally think of the spice or herb in our kitchen cupboard. Most of us are aware that there are two types of thyme mainly used in cooking: common thyme and lemon thyme. They both have sweet mildly pungent flavors and are highly aromatic, while lemon thyme has more of a citrus flavor.

Basic Landscape Supplies For The DIY Garden Enthusiasts

Gardens are believed to have the ability to increase the value of the home or any property, especially in urban locations where sizable spaces are rarely available. This spurred the growth of the gardening supplies market and even made gardening as one of the top hobbies in countries such as the United States.

How To Start Your Own Produce Garden

There is nothing quite like growing your own garden. Not only does it give you the opportunity to taste the fruit of your labor, it also allows you to spend time outdoors and soak in the sunlight. The type of gardening that you do is going to depend upon your own personal tastes and in some cases, you may even want to extend your garden from one year to the next.

Bonsai Is a Fascinating Living Craft

Bonsai is a fascinating ancient craft that enables you to artificially dwarf trees and grow them on a miniature scale. The word bonsai means “trees in trays”.

Making the Most From Your Real Christmas Tree

Most of us love to bring in a real tree to decorate our home at Christmas time. But they can be expensive and many will argue, environmentally wasteful. Here are a few tips for those who are prepared to splash out.

Bokashi Composting: Less Labor, Better Results and a Healthier Method Overall

Learn how Bokashi composting can make your life easier and greener! Anaerobic composting takes less effort, creates less foul waste, and helps recycle food waste.

6 Inch Inline Fan

Indoor gardens need to be properly ventilated so the air does not get too contaminated. They are also used to keep the greenhouse cool, which is essential to keep a consistent temperature in the green house. This can be accomplished with the use of an inline fan. Inline fans can be placed on the wall or the ceiling. The fans are housed in steel so they are strong and reliable. The fans have an aerodynamic shape which is essential for optimum performance. The duct opening comes in various sizes, from six inches and up. It spins at a speed of 1060 cubic feet per minute. The motors of the inline fans are very efficient. Inline fans can also be very easily installed as they have wall and ceiling mounts. And to top it all off, there is a two year warranty.

Aquarium Farming

Have you raised fish in your home aquarium? If you are anything like our family we have raised both fresh water and salt water fish as hobbies and as teaching opportunities for our children. But, are you excited about the new trend of aquarium farming as a method of growing fish, vegetables and fruits?

How Can I Grow Mushrooms? Oyster Mushroom Cultivation: An Easy and Great Way to Get Started

Oyster mushroom cultivation may sound like a complicated task, but it does not have to be. Potential oyster mushroom cultivators simply need to explore their options and decide which form of cultivation is right for them. An oyster mushroom garden can be made indoors or outdoors.

How to Buy Landscaping Supplies for Your Next Project

Are you planning an outdoor project for your home? Do you simply want to make your home’s exterior look absolutely beautiful? Do you want to develop a gardening hobby? Landscaping your home is certainly no small task, but it can be a fun and rewarding process. Whether you want a gorgeous back yard, a beautiful front walk, or a simple flower garden, landscape supplies are necessary for your project. With the right landscape supplies, your landscaping job will be much easier.

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