Oxalis Triangularis Care (Purple Shamrock): A Houseplant You Can Eat

How to Build a Cement Wall Raised Bed Garden

If you have always wanted raised beds in your garden, but were concerned about wood rotting and splitting, or if you always wanted a circular garden bed, or a winding path like garden with raised beds, building raised bed garden walls out of cement and rubble could be a solution for you. It is not as difficult as you might imagine!

Banana Plant Care – Things That You Should Be Doing

How do you properly take care of a banana plant – and what is it again, you absolutely may not do? Read this guide to learn how to make your banana plants grow with the speed of lightning!

Find Out Why You Should Have Your Own Backyard Herb Garden

A home herb garden can be very satisfying, and a labor of love. An herb garden is a great way to create a sustainable food source for an individual or family. Many people are interested in becoming more environmentally responsible.

Growing Tomato Tips for the Dedicated Gardener

Growing tomatoes is a hobby everyone would love to learn. It is not as complicated as instructions on seed packages say. One armed with quick doable tips is all one needs to grow the perfect batch of juicy, red tomatoes. So what are these quick doable tips to growing tomatoes? Simply read on.

Growing Tomato Tips for Beginners

Growing Tomatoes is not a matter of taking up studies on herbs or plants. All one needs is a handful of tips that have been tried and tested by skilled gardeners. Look no further, here are all the tips one should be armed with in growing their own batch of juicy and red tomatoes.

Growing Tomatoes Indoors for Greenhorns

Are you a beginner who’s learning how to grow tomatoes indoors? Look no further because this will give you all the easiest tips and tricks you should know about growing the best batch of tomatoes right inside your home.

Build an Herb Garden Indoors

Build an Herb Garden Indoors Herbs pack a lot of flavor for everyday dishes. These aromatic plants thrive well in any environment and make for pretty ornamentals too. Extend your gardening season by building an herb garden indoors during the cold winter months.

Sowing The Seeds Of Survival

In the past decade, and especially recently we have heard about economic security in the form of Metals: “buy, buy, buy”; but, how can precious metals feed your mind and body during a food shortage? Metals may be replacing currency in this economy but you can’t walk into a grocery store and load your cart with needed nutritious food and then plop a gold coin on the cashiers counter to pay for it. How about investing in food as a way to provide security for you and your family during this economical uncertainty?

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse: Merits and Drawbacks

The Geodesic Dome is a very strong structure due to the use of triangles in the design. It is rigid and stable and transmits any stresses evenly through the structure.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse: History

Man has always tried to find ways to alter nature to his advantage, as for example the cultivation of crops and the herding of flocks. The history of the Greenhouse is a history of mans efforts to extend the length of the growing season. From the Romans to modern day.

All About Growing Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is a very easy herb to grow yourself. You can get started growing lemon grass today. You will also learn how to harvest, prepare and the many benefits of lemon grass in this article.

How to Build a Bird Habitat Garden

The nesting requirements of different species of birds are very diverse. Some love holes in old trees, others dense foliage, such as that provided by shrubs, hedges, or climbers like ivy.

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