Paralysis Can’t Stop Him From Gardening

Straw Bale Gardening Techniques

Straw bale gardening technique is the use of bunches of straw as hosts for growing plants. Applying this technique to your gardening can be very helpful if you have knee problems or wish to avoid the mess involved with soil gardening. This technique helps keep weeds away too.

Controlling Insects Organically in Your Garden

Gardeners are not the only ones who anxiously wait to get out into their gardens as soon as the weather is warm. Plant-eating insects too eagerly look forward to feasting on the beautiful plants and tasty vegetables!

Why Are Organic Gardens Helping the World?

Why should you start an organic garden? Here are some of the biggest benefits, which you should definitely consider before deciding to create an organic or inorganic garden.

Controlling the Color of Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangeas are long-lasting flowers which can also be dried for year-round enjoyment. Unlike most other plants, gardeners can control the color of hydrangea blossoms by regulating the acidity of the planting soil.

How to Enhance Your Garden With Beautiful Edging

Adding edging around your garden is framing a picture. Just like a picture can look more interesting and beautiful with the right framing, your garden too can benefit from the right edging. This can be accomplished in many ways. Some like to make it heavy like a brick wall, while others may prefer something gentler, like flowering plants or shrubs.

Plant Candytuft For a Snowy White Groundcover

Candytuft or Iberis sempervirens is a spring blooming favorite of many gardeners. It’s low spreading habit allows it to cascade over rocky walls or fill in the bare spots in your border edges. With masses of white blooms and evergreen foliage, this can easily become one of your perennial favorites.

Indoor Hydroponics Gardening Tips

Did you know, for example, that many people that live in urban areas are able to grow their own tomatoes and vegetables through the use of simple and basic hydroponic systems? Some may think this is a stretch of the imagination but it is most assuredly not.

Woolly Pocket vs Traditional Wall Planter – Top 10 Reasons to Buy Woolly Pockets

Woolly Wally Pockets are a superior wall planter that offer unique gardening opportunities for indoor and outdoor gardeners. They may be slightly more expensive than the traditional wall planter but it is money worth spending.

The Greenhouse Plus Fruit and Vegetables at the End of August

In the greenhouse, geraniums lifted from the garden should have their top growth cut back to half their length and the roots trimmed. They should then be boxed, their roots covered with 2 ins. of loam, or they can be potted up, and they should be kept on the dry side through the winter.

The End of August in the Garden

Preparation for the future is the key now, with most of the results of your efforts over the past year either now coming to fruition, or past their day of glory. Label the dahlias carefully and decide which varieties are worth propagating., and thin the autumn-sown annuals before they get leggy.

Things to Consider Before You Start Building Your Flower Bed

Raised flower beds are a great addition to any yard. When you build your beds up above the natural dirt line, the soil is less compacted than the surrounding soil. This allows your plant’s root system to expand more rapidly and excess water drains away faster so your plants don’t become waterlogged.

Turn Kitchen Scrap Garbage Into Free, Rich Fertilizer – 5 Tips From a Composting Expert

Are you throwing away your kitchen scraps? That’s like throwing away money! Learn how to turn those scraps into rich, fertile compost instead.

Growing African Violets Successfully

Are your African violets needing help? Can’t get them to bloom? Are you confused about how to water them? This plant is not only beautiful, but easy to grow. With a little help your plants will be blooming like crazy.

Establishing Your Water Garden

Water gardening is a peasant hobby especially if your water gardens is blooming with water lilies, hyacinths and lotus are beautifully and pleasingly in good sights. Combined with ferns and evergreens and filled with exotic fishes, your water garden becomes charming aquatic garden full of life and beauty.

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