Peeling my luffa gourd (extremely satisfying)

A Raised Garden Bed Was the Answer

Well, that’s it, I thought. No more gardening for me. We were moving into a much smaller house with an even smaller yard and there was no room for a garden. Sadly, I would truly miss my favorite pastime. But then one of my new neighbors showed me her portable raised garden beds.

A Dessert Garden in Your Landscape

We all deserve a treat from time to time – and fruit can provide the answer – as well as fulfilling basic nutritional needs to consume two servings of fruit daily. This list simply suggest fruits that are relatively easy to grow and maintain, yet will provide a delicious benefit. Rhubarb There isn’t an easier place to start than with rhubarb for a first-time vegetable grower.

Organic Gardening Pesticide – An Overview

Homemade vs. man made organic gardening pesticide is a hot topic among organic gardeners. This article also looks at the ways of developing a healthier garden in order to detour pests. Additional resources provided for other organic gardening topics.

Beneficial Garden Insects – Don’t Kill That Ladybug!

Many of us think about insects as being our enemies. In the gardening world, some of them are actually our friends. These are referred to as beneficial garden insects. So, don’t kill that ladybug!

Growing Vegetables Organically – It’s All About Planning

Look at some of the important aspects of planning when growing vegetables organically. Whether doing this for fun, or if you are doing to sustain your family, organic gardening involves proper planning.

Organic Companion Planting – An Experiment For You

Organic companion planting is the process of grouping certain types of plants together to achieve better results. To simplify how this works, let’s do a little experiment. Imagine you are a plant.

Homegrown Pepper Plants

There is nothing tastier and more satisfying than growing your own homegrown peppers. Save money on your grocery bill, eat fresh produce and maybe get you children eating the home grown peppers they helped to plant.

So You Want to Be a Professional Gardener – Ten Things to Consider

Many of us have had that dream that you’re outside under this big blue sky and all the sudden you realize if you flap your arms really really hard – that your feet start lifting up off the ground…and if you keep flapping, yes, yes…you CAN fly! If you’ve daydreamed about a career where you work outside with the birds, blue skies and fresh air this article is for you.

Seed Catalogues Reviewed

Seed catalogues are a gardener’s source of inspiration and excitement. They are available free and most companies will put you on their mailing list once you order from them.

The Salad Garden in Your Landscape

In a previous article I made the point that a vegetable garden is not out of place in a well laid out ornamental garden or landscape. Lee Reich, a well know gardening author and lecturer self describes as a ‘farmdener” – a neat way of expressing his focus on gardening for both food and beauty. All of us, I think would prefer ‘home grown’ to supermarket foods – if we could put in the time and effort – and had the interest in gardening.

Lawn Care and Assorted Problems

Weeds and pests think you grow your lawn just for them. And, at times, its may seem they are right!

The Multi-Talented Lawn!

While lawns may require work and be a bit of a pain at times, they have lots of benefits. They are not just a pretty addition your garden, as they also keep the surrounds cooler and noise down, lessen dust and soil erosion and make a significant contribution in reducing your carbon footprint.

Types and Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is the method of growing plants. Ornamental plants are generally cultivated for flowers, foliage, overall look, and for their colors. Beneficial plants are cultivated for consumption purpose like vegetables, fruits, herbs, and leaf vegetables or for medicinal use. Gardening requires patience and observation.

Organic Gardening Compost – Things You Need

Gardening is one of those hobbies which gives considerable joy, and at the same time provides light exercise, besides giving one the joy of having homegrown produce. Today, organic foods have become increasingly popular, and fruits and vegetables grown with organic gardening compost, are becoming more sought after.

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