Perennials That Work in Wet Soil

Gardening – Understanding the Importance of Soil PH

Soil pH basically serves as a gauge or measurement of the soil’s hydrogen-ion concentration. It is important to know this as there are some nutrients which could only be accessed by plant if the soil pH is suitable for its growth.

Interesting Things About Potatoes

The potato today is very popular and a normal staple in most countries. This vegetable is now a common staple in most homes, with a very wide variety being added over the years, it is hard to believe it has only been with us for only a few hundred years. The potato has been grown in South America more than a few thousands of years in the past and was only brought over to Europe in the 16th century by Spanish explorers.

How to Select Lawn Aerators – Get It Right the First Time

Lawn aerators are extremely important tools to help in the maintenance of lawns, whether they are big or small. They work on the principle that the soil needs to have holes made in it so that nutrients, air and water can find their way inside as a result of which the roots of the lawn grass can absorb them easily and result in a healthy looking lawn. The process of aeration helps to relieve the lawn from compaction that occurs due to heavy use and it prevents your lawn from looking thin, brown, or matted.

5 Tips For Growing Orchids Under Proper Lighting Conditions

When your start growing orchids you may be wondering how important is the light and conditions you use. If you have the time and space to set up an the environment correctly this can bring about wonderful results with your orchids.

Don’t Buy Plans for Greenhouses Without These Initial Steps

No set of greenhouse plans can work if you do not do some planning before hand. Before choosing your plans for greenhouse construction, plan.

7 Great Tips For Watering Orchids

With a wide variety of orchid species available with distinctive colours, sizes and blooms, we have seen this vibrant plant become a household favourite. An important factor for maintaining the health of your indoor orchid is understanding that when watering orchids, the amount of water needed will depend on the type of orchid you have.

5 Tips For The Best Ways To Use Wedding Orchids

Its amazing how beautiful orchids are when they are displayed at wedding ceremonies. They bring a certain elegance and grace, so making sure you get the best out of your wedding orchids is important for that special day.

5 Top Tips To A Great Start In Orchid Growing

The orchid flower is a favorite among growers who want to display a beautiful plant in their garden and add a touch of elegance to the household. In this helpful guide we look at a simple orchid that you can grow yourself, some great hints for planting orchids, tips on watering correctly, and getting the best from sunlight and fertilizing.

How to Plant a Tree

The old saying is that you should plant trees for your children and so if they’re going to be around for that long they need a good start in life. You have to be a little careful when you plant a tree. A new garden, when it’s more or less empty, always looks far more spacious than it actually is.

Perks and Fun of Planting Grapes at Home

Plantation of grapes has become one of the most loved tasks for all those, who are in love with natural beauty and like to do gardening not only for the sake of time pass, but also for improving the environment. The growth of grapes is not something, which is too difficult or complicate, but one has to keep some really important points and tips in his mind, which would make this process easier and fruitful for him. Once you have planned to plant grapes in your backyard, then you are in need to see that the land on which…

Killing Ourselves

We are killing ourselves. We have to face it… we’re killing ourselves. In our attempt to kill them, we are killing… ourselves. Every day we douse tons of chemicals on our world to control them. Every day we pour more and more into our environment and for what? Are we winning or are they?

How to Instantly Improve Your Garden Soil

An easy way to know if your garden soil is healthy is to dig up a shovelful and count the number of earthworms. The more worms you can count, the healthier the soil. A healthy soil allows lots of air and moisture into the soil which are needed both by the earthworms and your garden plants.

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