Perennials with Fabulous Foliage

Steps in Doing A Vegetable Garden

It is possible and easy to make your own vegetable garden which will not cost you much if you can do it in the following stages. If you take a look at the items in the recycling bin, it will reveal a whole lot of items which can be modified to make a suitable container for a vegetable garden.

Grow Vegetables Year Round With a Propane Heater

Home gardeners fortunate to live below the frost line in Zone 10 plant, grow and harvest fresh vegetables from fully exposed, unprotected gardens in every month of the year. They still refer to their harvests as Summer and Winter crops even though the coldest nights of the year almost always stay well above freezing. Now, their Northern neighbors, all the way to Zone 5, where Winter temperatures can often plunge to -20F are reporting their great successes growing fresh vegetables year round.

Why Do Leaves Change Colour?

This time of year although our driveways are littered with leaves, you can’t help but notice the stunning displays that trees put on as the nights draw in and the winds blow harder. Brisk walks after Sunday lunches show the vivid reds, greens and yellows coming through the leaves. A question i had always asked myself was how does this actually happen?

Bedbug Prevention Techniques – A Goodnight Without a Bedbugs Bite

Going through an infestation caused by bedbugs is a nightmare. A home going through such a problem will find that these bugs are known to cause physical damage not only to the home but to the people living in the home.

Feeding Wild Birds and Preparing Them for Winter

Feeding wild birds all year long is important, but once autumn comes and it starts to get cold, you know it is time to prepare your wild bird friends for winter. Here are some tips to prepare them: Take down the hummingbird feeders…

Growing Grapes From Home

If you are planning to plant grape vines in your backyard, the primary attribute that you must seek out when growing grapes from home is to find the areas that draw a huge amount of direct sunlight. This is because grape vines require a large amount of sunlight for optimal growth.

Six Common Bonsai Tree Styles

Have you ever wondered why a particular shape or style is chosen for a given bonsai tree? In this article we talk about the six most common bonsai tree styles, and which kinds of tree are most suited to each style.

The Advantages Of Growing Grapes From Cuttings

If you like drinking grape wines, then why don’t you try growing your own grapes at your own backyard? Having your own vineyard allows you to make wines for personal consumption and even for income. There are a few things that you need to consider first, though, before proceeding with your plans of having your own vineyard at home.

Water Reels – Great for Spot Watering

Do you need a watering system that can be moved quickly and easily? A system that can be left unattended and will turn off automatically? A system that costs a fraction of installed underground irrigation? Then you need to consider water reel irrigation.

Learn How To Grow a Bonsai Tree

There are some simple rules that can help the bonsai beginners who may wonder how to grow a tree and quickly learn the art. The essence of the bonsai art is to create a tree in its miniature version. The so-called air layering method is ideal for making sprout roots once they are separated from the tree.

Helpful Ideas for Growing Fruits and Vegetables

Choose the right vegetables to grow in your garden. You will find information on planting fruit trees and how to maintain and prune you them. There are ideas on how to prevent weeds from growing around your trees and also to prevent disease.

How to Choose Herbs for a Herb Garden Container

Herbs and herb garden containers make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays and even wedding gifts. If you are interested in knowing how to choose herbs for a herb garden container for yourself or as a gift, here are the top choices. But first, consider the reasons friends and family enjoy herb gardening, other than the obvious which is to grow your own herbs for your soup and salad recipes. Choose right, and fresh growing herbs fill the room with a welcome fragrance. It’s like having sweet air without buying a container of Glade plug-in room deodorizer. A benefit many people overlook is the farmer feeling. Putting your hands in soil and growing a garden is rewarding. No one really disagrees with the fact that it feels good to grow something. Read on for some spicy tips.

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