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Five Container Veggie Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

This rewarding and beneficial hobby of Container Vegetable Gardening has so much to offer our bodies and minds. Whether you are just starting or have been container gardening for awhile, it’s always good to remind yourself of best practices. This article looks at some of the most common container veggie gardening mistakes so we can be sure to avoid them!

The Different Bonsai Types

There are two main types of bonsai trees: indoor and outdoor. Each one must be treated slightly differently. Read this article to make sure you know what you are doing.

How To Set Up Your Own Homemade Hydroponic Lettuce Garden

Hydroponic gardening is not a new phenomena but it is one that a lot of people are ignorant of, but really they do not need to be. Once a set up is in place it is a very productive way of grown homegrown vegetables. Find out more about hydroponic lettuce growing.

Caring for Pomegranate Dwarfs (Bonsais)

The Pomegranate plant is native to the Asian and Mediterranean areas. The pomegranate plant is a small deciduous tree that is densely laden with narrow, alternating leaves.

Find Out More About The Dripper Hydroponic System

Hydroponic systems are improving all the time and they can be set up from simple systems as in a foam box or as a simple dripper hydroponic system. Like anything new, it takes some time to learn the basics, but once you have, there are definitely a lot of benefits. Learn more about home hydroponics growing.

Papaver Rhoeas Poppy Seeds – Buy in Single and Double Form

When you think of Papaver Rhoeas you may only think of the iconic little corn poppy which has become renowned the world over. While this famous poppy species has found a special place in millions of people’s hearts it is sometimes overlooked by flower gardeners.

Apartment Homesteading: Top 4 Ways to Homestead in the City!

Grow your own delicious food indoors and start urban homesteading. Even if you have NO balcony, rooftop or even patio space; there are still many homesteading ideas you can put into practice right now in your apartment. This article shows you the top 4 ways to start apartment homesteading in the city!

General Green Roof Maintenance Practices

The maintenance load of your green roof will depend on its type. Despite the type of you have constructed, proper attention should be given to it or you will end up with dead or listless vegetation in your roof. The maintenance severity may depend on how much effort you have placed on designing your roof and your plant selection.

The Fragrance of Springtime

As spring approaches, flowers begin to bloom in our surroundings; they begin to pop up here and there. Sometimes, they are even emerging through a layer of snow. What a vision to behold! As a professional florist, we need to be very aware of our environment, indoors and out. If you are a florist and/or a gardener then this article is for you.

The Joy of Annuals in Spring and Summer

One of the best things about winter’s end is seeing all the new growth appearing in the landscape – including your personal little bit of landscaping. The joy of annuals in Spring and Summer is a very satisfying pleasure and one worth the time and effort to make sure it happens.

Take A Stroll Around Your Garden

The old aphorism about an ounce of prevention etc is a great thing to heed as it can save you a lot of work. So if you regularly take a stroll around your garden you will be able to keep on top of those little pests, weeds and other issues that can rapidly get out of control if you neglect to consistently look at how does your garden grow!

Autumn Gardens Need Not Be Drab!

Summer has finished your garden may be looking tried. This is an easy to read article on how to put colour into your autumn garden. It suggests different shrubs, trees and bulbs. Plants with berries also make great autumn specimens as do trees with coloured bark or leaves.

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