Plant A Victory Garden!

The Joy of the Organic Garden

In addition to the obvious benefits of fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables, a well tended garden provides both industrious leisure and intense mental activity in your planning and execution. Learning the intricacy of the art require both mental, physical effort and sometimes knowledgeable mentor.

Garlic in an English Garden

In days gone by folk used treacle as a blood-cleanser, which sounds both yummy and useless at the same time, but if you couldn’t afford treacle then you used garlic which came to be known as ‘poor-mans-treacle’ and also ‘gypsies onions’. Romany families would forage in the spring hedgerow for ramsons or wild garlic, using both the bulb and leaf to flavour their stews and for healing.

Gardening In Autumn

Autumn is one of the busiest times for gardeners, no matter where you live in Australia, and especially for those who have been affected by floods, due to some of the wettest summer months we have ever seen. As the air starts to get cooler, the soil remains relatively warm in comparison. So there is still some quality time to plant and prepare for the cooler months to come.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Beautiful Orchids

The growing of an orchid is not something to be undertaken lightly. It is a multi-faceted process with many components that will contribute to the success or failure of the project. There are many types of orchids and each one has a different cultural need.

Choosing Tomato Plants For Your Container Garden

Tomatoes are probably the most common fruit grown in a container garden, and are the pride of most home gardeners. There isn’t any other crop that I can think of that clam so many bragging rites as the tomato, and for good reason. Growing your own tomatoes is the best way to enjoy the freshness and taste that only a home grown tomato can provide.

Information On Growing Tomatoes – Be A Home Garden Superstar

Information on growing tomatoes which is picked up randomly from magazines or the internet can often appear contradictory or confusing. There are really only three main factors to bear in mind for growing superdelicious, sweet, juicy tomatoes at home – soil, sunlight and water. This article will discuss these factors in detail.

Planning Your Garden and Preparing Your Garden Bed

This article contains tips and techniques to properly prepare the garden bed before planting. There are a list of things to keep in mind when planning a garden. Understanding and improving the soil conditions is very important to the success of your garden.

The Importance Of Soil Moisture

More often than not, people tend to kill their plants with love, over-watering them. Drowning them with excessive amounts of water. Know what type of soil you are working, which plants you are growing and plan accordingly. If this sounds like something you have done in the past, a moisture meter should be high on your list of gardening supplies this year.

Are Deer Eating Your Garden?

If deer are eating your plants, here are some suggestions how to stop the damage. In some areas, deer and especially fawns will eat almost anything, but there are solutions.

Effective Organic Pest Control

If you have a garden, you will have pests from time to time. Fortunately, there are plenty of entirely natural ways of getting rid of most garden pests. For example, snails and slugs can be a real nuisance but one totally natural way that you can protect your seedlings from being eaten by them is by spraying a coffee solution on and around those seedlings.

Gardening With Children Provides Them With Education

Gardening is a relaxing and satisfying hobby in many parts of the world. It is the difference between life and death in others. No matter where they live, gardening is a great skill for children to learn.

Backyard Greenhouse Gardening – Tools And Materials To Keep On Hand

If you are thinking about using one of the many portable backyard greenhouses, you should also consider the tools and materials you might need. Although some tools may not be very expensive they could make a lot of difference in how much you enjoy greenhouse gardening. Greenhouse gardening is a great solution for gardeners with a small space or those that live in a colder region.

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