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Felco Hand Pruners For Clean Cuts and Prettier Pruning

If you’re a gardener, it’s likely you’ve faced this unpleasant scenario: when trying to snip a tender twig or fragile flower stem, instead of a nice, clean cut you end up with a mangled mess. What a headache!

Pruning Climbers the Right Way

Organic lawn maintenance is a very important aspect of lawn care. While taking care of the lawn you have to pay attention to all aspects of the process like the type of soil, quality of soil, manure and fertilizers necessary for improving the soil, type of plants and trees, maintenance and pruning at regular periods etc.

About Growing Herb Gardens

People have used herbs almost since the beginning, perhaps all the way back to the cave dwellers. Certainly there is evidence that the ancient Chinese and the ancient Egyptians used them.

Garden Design – How to Maximise a Child’s Enjoyment of the Garden

The best way to maximise a child’s enjoyment of the garden is to allow a range of outdoor activities to occur. Below are six suggested activities that should be kept in mind when getting a garden ready for child’s play.

Landscaping Your Garden Successfully

Landscaping your garden can be a venture that can take a large part of your time as well as a large chunk of your money. Should you be considering of hiring someone to do most of the work, there are a few ideas that will help you, and also avoid the expense of a professional designer perhaps, provided you have a level workspace that is.

Home Tomato Garden Tips – Choosing Which Variety to Grow

Growing tomatoes is one thing, but with over 7,000 different varieties how are you going to decide which ones to grow? Read all about how to come to the decision on which tomatoes to grow in your home tomato garden.

Worm Composters – Nature’s Dirty Little Secret

Red Wiggler worms are nature’s composters. Let them do all the composting work and sit back and reap the organic benefits.

Planting Herbs in a Raised Garden Bed

Find out why growing herbs in a raised garden bed is becoming so popular. In fact vegetable gardening in raised garden beds is becoming popular. Read what the benefits are.

Protect Your Tomato Plants From Disease and Pests – Preseason Tips

People love growing tomatoes in the summer. They are inexpensive and usually easy to grow but they are a target for insects, disease and fungus. Many factors affect how vulnerable your tomato plants are and the good news is, you can control most of them and effectively prevent or control damage to your tomato plants from pests and disease.

How to Care For a Bougainvillea Bonsai

Caring for your Bougainvillea bonsai is simple and can be done in a few easy steps. A little bit of love, care and attention is all it takes to keep your Bougainvillea fresh and blooming.

Garden Hose Fittings Bring Your Watering Solution Together

When you think about gardening, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Watering your garden? Weeding out unwanted vegetation? Attending to the every need of your beloved roses or fruit trees? Or just enjoying the sights, smells and feelings of complete relaxation coursing through your body after a long day at the office?

The History of the Tradition of Sending Flowers

The History of the Tradition of Sending Flowers dates back to the prehistoric period. Flower fossils have been discovered in cave burials and cave dwellings.

Bougainvillea – A Beginner’s Guide to Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is widely grown in warm regions. It is a climbing plant and has brilliant red or purple flower bracts. Read this article to know more about Bougainvillea.

Vegetable Garden Design

Traditionally, Vegetable Garden Designs have always been a smaller replica of the full sized farms and particularly plants with straight rows marching from side to side over the entire plot. But on the other hand, there is absolutely no reason why if the need arises and the required growing conditions are met that you cannot design your very own veggie garden the way you want to.

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