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Orchid Growing 101

Growing an orchid outside of tropical locations can be difficult if you do not know what an orchid needs to survive. Orchids are technically considered a parasitic plant and will thrive given optimal conditions. Growing orchids is in fact easier than most people believe.

When Should I Plant Tomatoes? – Tomato Gardening Tips Based on USDA Hardiness Planting Zones

Zone defense works in basketball and works with tomato growing tips and advice as well. Know your zone, and use it wisely to plant your tomato plants or seeds at just the right time!

The Best Way to Grow a Confederate Jasmine No Matter Where You Live

The Confederate Jasmine originated from China but has already become popular in the United States and Europe. Whether your soil is alkaline, loam, clay, acidic or sandy, the Confederate Jasmine will still thrive.

Common Indoor Gardening Problems

There are many problems that indoor plants suffer from. Learn how to solve some of these very common problems that you will face.

Outdoor Seeding

Many vegetables do not transplant well, nor do they require a long growing period before harvesting can begin. Some can be sown directly in the garden rows.

The Basics in Garden Designing

In designing a fabulous flower garden, make a list of the various plants under consideration before purchasing them. It is important to divide them into groups of tall-growing for background plants, medium-height ones for midsection of the garden, low-growing plants and edging for the foreground…

Tomato Plant Broken? Here’s How to Fix It

This article is about the steps you should take when you find your tomato plant broken. If you follow them, your plant should live to fight another day.

Gardening Bulbs – Infallible Planting Methods of the Flower Bulbs That Will Blossom in Spring

In order to grow flower bulbs successfully it is essential to know how to choose healthy gardening bulbs, you need to know plants’ conditions of cultivation and how to look after them. You will learn about methods and strategies when and how to plant flower bulbs if you want them to blossom in spring.

Collect Rain Water and Recycle it Around Your Home

A rain barrel or rain barrel system can provide water for your garden and car using melting snow and rainfall. You can’t drink it and you probably won’t be able to replace your current water supply but, you can collect rain water and recycle it around the house in several ways.

Five Shade Loving Perennials

Perennials are extremely popular and there are thousands of varieties suitable for different types of environments. There are hundreds alone that love the shade and that are suitable for partially or fully shaded gardens. Here are five favorites.

Better Green Growing

The gardening world is not surprisingly proactively responding to emerging green thinking and green trends. But what and how does one become a green gardener?

Elementary Guides to Water Conservation in Gardens

Water is a precious commodity. Whether we live in a place with abundant water, we have to conserve water. Electrical power normally runs the pumps and motors that distribute the water to the gardens.

Soil Preparation in Vegetable Gardens

After selecting the location of your vegetable garden, soil preparation is the next stage before you start planting. Vegetable plants require certain soil types in order that they will have a better yield.

Potatoes Grown Fresh – A Favorite in Most Kitchens

Potatoes, a favorite in most kitchens, this crop has become a popular crop choice in the home garden. Easy to grow in containers, raised beds or the traditional garden grown fresh with organic gardening methods. It’s hard to imagine a world without them.

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