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Making the “Moss” of It

Moss is everywhere, in cracks in the pavement, in damp corners, in small ledges on buildings, on stones and rocks, in woodlands, on paths and in your lawn. Mention moss to most people and they will reach for the moss killer. However, moss has been around for more than 400 million years and deserves our respect for that alone.

Problems With Deer

Do you have problems with deer in your garden? In this article a seasoned gardener and deer chaser explains what works and doesn’t work to keep deer out of a garden. It’s time you quit sharing your garden produce with the deer! Read on to learn a few options for keeping deer out of your garden.

Are You Really Organic?

You must be consistent if you claim to be an organic gardener. You cannot resort to weed-killers in part of your garden, but must work with nature to balance the environment, which can then sustain itself.

What About Roses?

One of the most beautiful flowers in the garden is also the most difficult to grow successfully. I’m talking about the garden prima donna, the rose. It does take time to care for roses, but the payback can be incredible.

Herb Gardening Information – Most FAQ’s About Herbs & Gardens

This article is great for an experienced or novice herb gardener. We discuss some of the most FAQ’s when cultivating an herb garden.

Can You Have Success Growing Herbs in Pots?

Growing herbs indoors is an excellent way to add to your herb garden. It is no more challenging to plant herbs in containers than it is to plant them out doors. They can also be grown indoors in sunny window boxes, hanging baskets or regular pots. Whether in or out doors, herbs need the same basic things.

Begonias in a Garden

Tuberous begonias are probably the most colorful and versatile of all summer container plants, and they are ideal for pots, hanging baskets, wall pots and window boxes. Although they are usually available as growing plants in early summer, you will have a much wider choice of color if you select tubers in late winter, and plant them in late winter or early spring so that they are ready to plant out after the frosts have finished in early summer.

Flower Window Box – A Small Eden on Your Window

Herbs and flowers have one thing in common. Fragrant flowers capture the imagination of fans and writers. Butterflies are also attracted by the scent and aroma they emit. Herbs, on the other cooks are let loose on them. And you can never escape their beauty into your window boxes. When butterflies start dancing silently around your beautiful plants, you can say that your flowers and herbs are in full bloom. Flower window boxes add a touch of elegance to your plants.

How to Care For Your Trees in Cold Winter Months

If you have tender younger trees or newly planted ones, you may be concerned about heavy ice and snow and strong, cold winter winds. Clear any debris from the ground around the trunk of the tree. Spread a good mulch or hay around the tree to provide insulation in the winter.

Bird Houses and Feeders in Garden Decor

Use decorative wooden and architectural birdhouses and bird feeders, functional and unique for wild birds in your yard and garden decor. These decorative and functional birdhouses will provide houses of enjoyment giving you a new hobby.

Organic Home Herb Gardening

This article discuss what is involved when cultivating a organic herb garden. Discuss pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor gardens and how to care for your garden.

Bulbs in Late Summer Containers

Available in white or orange form, cubism can be planted in autumn and kept in frost free conditions over winter, in which case it will flower in midsummer, or it can be purchased and planted in mid to late spring to flower in late summer. Whichever approach you prefer, this bulb makes a long flowering specimen for a small to medium sized pot, and despite the rather untidy leaves it makes a valuable contribution to the patio.

Benefits of Growing an Herbal Tea Garden

Which herbs to use to make a herbal tea garden. Benefits of having a herbal tea garden in your house.

Long Term Arrangements Bulb

Scylla is a glorious bulb to grow in a raised container where its brilliant blue flowers can be isolated and enjoyed to the full. It is only borderline hardy so it needs a cool winter refuge away from frost, but if you can manage to protect it, you will be rewarded year after year by a show stopping display, which will be perfect for a sunny spot on a patio table or beside the door.

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