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Meyer Lemon Trees – How to Solve Three Common Problems

If you own or considering buying a Meyer Lemon Tree, you will want to know how to care for this beautiful variety of indoor fruit tree. These trees are generally hardy, but three nagging issues come up from time to time. Here’s how to solve these three problems…

How to Grow Banana Plants

For anyone who appreciates the exotic look of a banana plant and has ever dreamed of keeping one themselves then I have some very good news. Because growing banana plants is actually reasonably simple if you follow a few golden rules and so are well within the reach of most people.

Fruit, Vegetables, and the Greenhouse at the End of August

Work in the greenhouse seems to go on unabated, and as always we look forward. One of the sweetest flowers and the favourite of many in the spring bulb parade, is the white Roman hyacinth. It should be ordered now as it sells fast and is not in abundant supply. Fresh and innocent, it flowers from November onwards, its far-reaching, ravishing scent leads us into thinking that spring is round the corner.

The Greenhouse, and Fruit and Vegetables in Mid-Late August

For those with active greenhouses now is the time that heliotrope (cherry pie) cuttings can be taken. Arum lilies may be stirred into growth after a summer rest. Cyclamen should be brought in from the frame, and plants may be raised from seed sown now.

Decorative Gardening in Mid-Late August

Looking firstly at the garden flowers, especially the asters or michaelmas daisies, with their many new varieties and widened colour range, they are an important family, that keep the autumn garden brightly coloured. Unfortunately they have one ghastly failing, and that is, no plant is more vulnerable to mildew. Unless sprayed early before the powdery disease is established, it is impossible to keep it at bay, and it is a menace in a damp season.

How to Grow Hyacinths

In the autumn months one regularly sees hyacinth bulbs for sale in garden centres and nurseries. And when grown correctly, these bulbs can provide a profusion of colorful blooms and a heavenly scent early the following year. Indeed, in those typically grey, boring months between Christmas and spring starting, a pot of cheery hyacinths can really help to bring a smile to your face.

You Really Should Wear Gardening Gloves

What is one of the essential things you will need when gardening? Gardening gloves of course. You may like having that cool earth in your hands on those hot summer days while working in your garden. That may work for a short time. After a while you will probably start to get blisters, dry out your skin and end up with a bunch of scratches…

Starting and Maintaining a Lawn

People often hire out lawn work, but you may be surprised to find out that you can do it by yourself with ease. You probably have all the tools necessary to get started.

Garden Jobs in Mid-August

Shrubs and bushes continue to need attention, so be sure to step up your spraying of roses against black spot, that becomes more virulent from now onwards. Summer-flowering shrubs, among them the weigela and mock orange, may be pruned after flowering. In the greenhouse keep the greenhouse well-ventilated, because a muggy atmosphere encourages mildew.

Garden Fountains Can Add More Life to Your Garden

Gardens are great. It may be rose garden or even a vegetable garden. The question is do you want a garden like everyone else. The same look and feel used by all your neighbors can get very boring year after year. About the only that will change is the variety of plants that are being used from year to year.

Gardening Advice

Depending on what you want to grow and where you are growing it, there will probably different answers to your questions for each plant that is to be grown. There are certain things that are standard when it comes to gardening advice. Lets take a look at some advice for planting. This gardening advice is pretty much universal. Give each plant enough room to grow. Do not overcrowd them. They will grow together and you

A Few Tips For Your Flower Garden

Having a flower garden can add a great deal of color to the look and feel of your yard. Actually having the knowledge to make the flowers grow will produce healthy plants. In order to help you get that great looking, healthy flower garden the following tips should go a long way in helping you. Always be sure you know the basics and apply them.

The Benefits of Gardening Books

A beginner gardener will find these books to be invaluable. These books will not only give out directions of what to do in what order, but also may include pictures for easier understanding. They will cover what is needed from start to finish. From getting the soil ready to watering. You can find instructions for all the plant types too…

Choose Versatile Beard-Tongue Penstemons For Your Ornamental Borders

Beard-tongues produce their spikes of interesting tubular flowers from late spring throughout the summer months. The blooms, which range in color from white to red, pink, blue, lavender & purple, attract butterflies & hummingbirds. Ranging from low growing hardy varieties to much taller tender ones, these versatile plants will add color to the garden and your cut bouquets.

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