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The Vegetable Garden and Fruit Care in Early December

When sowing peas and beans at this time of year, bait the mousetrap against hungry mice. It’s also time to tidy up the brussels sprouts, removing discoloured leaves to facilitate picking and to let in the light. Sow onions now if you have your eye on the show bench.

Making Compost – Do You Know These 4 Ways it Helps Your Soil?

Making compost isn’t just a way to keep organic matter out of the landfill. It’s also a great way to improve your soil. Do you know these four ways that it helps you?

Transplanting Roses Isn’t As Hard As You Might Think

There are many reasons that you might choose to transplant your rose bushes. Whatever the reason there are several things you must do before the actual transplanting occurs. The roses may be old and fairly large and transplanting can give the rose a new lease on life. Sometimes you just want to make changes to your garden or rose bed making transplanting a necessity.

Gardening in the First Week in December

Contrary to popular opinion, there is still plenty to do both outside, inside, and not forgetting the greenhouse at this bleak time of year, with short days and long, sometimes very cold, nights. In the garden, lift a few of the best of the hardy chrysanthemums in case of a stinging frost.

Some Top Tips For Growing Rosemary Herb

There are many tips for growing Rosemary herb that are easy to follow and simple to implement. This plant comes in several varieties and provides both a wonderful aroma and great addition to a meal.

Answers to Growing Hydroponic Herbs at Home

Fresh herbs give the flavor that cooks search for in their kitchen in order to produce tasty meals and for this reason, apart from the savings, the universal appeal of growing hydroponic herbs is increasing. A common question is: ‘Growing hydroponic herbs seem complicated. How do you determine what herbs to grow?

Admiring the Old Garden Rose

To recreate the gardens of your ancestors, comprise the old garden roses. These date back for hundreds of years, are hardier, and comprise a huge variety. They fare well in poor conditions, are the easiest type of rose to appreciate, do best in rich soil that drains well, and keep on bloom for years.

Growing Climbing Roses Adds Ornamental Grace and Interest to Your Garden

Climbing roses are vigorous and easy to grow, and no rose garden would be complete without them. Climbers are often called pillars, ramblers, trailing roses, and ever-blooming roses depending on how they grow and are not considered true vines. They are simple to grow, and they add ornamental grace and interest to your garden or landscape.

The Potting Bench is a Useful Tool For Gardeners

When someone is looking to hold their seedlings before planting them in the ground, or even display their full-grown flowers, a potting bench is a great solution. These types of benches are a wonderful option to display the transitional phase between seedling to plant or flower.

Techniques to Cut a Hedge

Most hedges need to be trimmed after planting, and then cut twice annually; in spring and late summer. A formal hedge, however, should be clipped more regularly to maintain its form.

Potting Shed Plans For the Gardening Enthusiast

If you are an avid gardener and have been using your garage, laundry room or backyard for your gardening requirements, you can appreciate how frustrating and cumbersome this can be. With the increasing number of garden tools, new seedlings which sprout and have to transplanted, storage of the bulbs, and so on, there never is enough space. Moreover, these add to the clutter. The best solution for these woes is to get yourself a good set of plans and build yourself a potting shed.

Tips on Buying Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are indeed very popular when it comes to making bouquet. They are brightly colored and available in different types thus providing you with a variety of models. But how do you exactly buy them? What are the things to consider during purchase? The aim of this article is to provide you some tips on this subject and hope that it will be useful to you.

Bleeding Hearts – A Perennial Symbol of Love

Bleeding hearts are an old fashioned and much loved shade garden perennial. With drooping chains of blooms like small hearts and a bushy mound of ferny and lacy foliage, these are an attractive addition to the shady areas in your yard.

Tips For Growing Vegetables in Your Kitchen Garden

Veg growing all by you is not only money saving option, but there are many health benefits related to it. In case there is ample space in your house, you can grow your own veg as well as sell some of the produce in the market.

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