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Rose Gardening Secrets

For thousands of years people have been growing roses. Although roses have earned a reputation for being difficult to grow, plenty of rose growers disagree. Here we have compiled some rose gardening secrets that have made cultivating these beautiful blooms something anyone can do successfully.

The 7 Simple Steps to Growing Herbs From Seeds

Do you want to save money starting your herb garden this year? Well this is your article. Learn how to grow herbs from seeds with 7 simple steps including how to choose your seeds, great tips on planting, why to use thinning, what it means to harden off and how to do it, and how to transplant herbs.

The Art of Pruning Bonsai

If your bonsai has its general shape and you are now refining the tree, then several times a year you will most probably go through this process. Early Spring, end of Spring to early Summer and possibly Autumn depending on the zone you live in.

3 Simple Ways to Propagate Herbs

When most gardeners begin planning for their first season they know of only two ways to start a plant: growing from seeds or buying plants from the nursery. Seeds are often difficult and take time to start. Buying plants, on the other hand, is expensive.

Growing Grapes at Home – Creating Your Backyard Vineyard

Would you like to grow grapes at home? Well here is a concise guideline to get you on your way.

Getting Started With Bonsai

Getting many beginners started with bonsai has been a truly rewarding experience for me over the last 5 years. I think it doesn’t matter how many books you read or demonstrations you attend, there is nothing like hands on experience and walking away with a tree you have created yourself, and that’s what I love seeing in my classes. Some of the class participants either have, or in a lot of cases HAD a bonsai at some stage, either brought from a nursery or given to them as a gift, and some have absolutely no idea about…

Easy Steps to Building a Vegetable Garden

Thankfully Spring is finally upon us, and what better way is there to celebrate then creating your very own veggie garden! I took to this task this past weekend and figured I would post some of the useful tips I found when conducting my own research.

How to Maintain Garden Bird Feeders

As garden bird feeder a constant device placed out to supply bird food and the success of a bird feeder to attract birds that depends upon its placement and the kinds of seeds offered different species and to have different preferences. Garden bird feeders is a year round that is not only enjoyable but also helpful to some feathered friends who may need a little help during certain times of the year although this is a hard-pressed with nesting benefit from feeding as do their young who often come to the feeders.

Soilless Cultivation – Short Introduction

Soilless cultivation is the future of growing vegetables and herbs. Instead of growing the plants in soil, water is used to cultivate them. It can be described as growing plants in water using mineral nutrient solutions. Almost every plant can grow with hydroponics.

Plant Vegetable Garden in April For Summer Harvest

Nothing tastes better than garden-grown tomatoes or fresh-cut basil. The time to plant summer vegetable plants is in April to assure a bountiful harvest by July and August.

How to Get Rid of Weeds

What is the best way to “get rid of weeds”? I really dislike pulling weeds throughout the spring, summer and fall months. And, if you are reading this article you too are probably wondering “how can I keep weeds from coming back year after year?”

Bonsai Tress – Getting Started

Contrary to what many people believe caring for bonsai trees isn’t that difficult if you know what you’re doing. Once you know the basic rules and know how to maintain your bonsai there’s a fairly high chance to succeed.

Tomato Feed

Want tasty tomatoes? Feed comes first. It’s the time of year when those of us who garden start dreaming of that first batch of fried green tomatoes – crispy on the outside and just the right amount of sour; or that first ripe Roma, red as a cherry lollipop and just as sweet.

Hydroponics Supplies – Basic Information For Hydroponic Growers

What hydroponics supplies do you need to get started? Let us take a look at some of the basics of hydroponics to help you succeed in your venture.

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