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A Kitchen Herb Garden – Convenient and Enjoyable

If you want to enjoy having herbs for a year round fresh flavor and aroma, then consider putting up your own kitchen herb garden. Having a herb garden in your own home will surely bring you endless enjoyment both by its aesthetic appeal and the amazing tastes it can give to your cooking.

Everything You Need to Know About Orchids Light Requirements

Orchids can thrive under natural or artificial light. Get the facts about orchid light requirements and ensure vibrant and gorgeous plants for years.

How to Treat Your Orchid’s Yellow Leaves

There are a number of reasons why your orchid has yellow leaves. It is wise to find out the reason before you take action. Go through some of these points to find out what might be the cause of leaf discoloration.

Designing and Preparing a Proper Flower Bed

Sometimes a flower garden may fail despite your best efforts. The key is to ensure its success from the beginning by designing and preparing a proper flower bed.

Green Living and Composting – Why You Should Compost and How To Do It

Here is a statistic to think about. In the USA a typical household generates about 650 pounds of food waste every year. Unfortunately, most of this food waste winds up in trash cans, the contents of which are deposited in landfills. Far better would be to use most of these food scraps and byproducts to produce compost. Why? Because billions of pounds of compostable material could be eliminated from landfills and used instead to enrich your soil at home. Adding compost is one of the best things you can do for your lawn and garden.

Roses Meanings

Throughout history the rose has been a significant flower. It has been used for many centuries as a gifting flower. It is the bloom that is most often associated with love and romance. In fact even the number of these flowers is linked with loving and giving. The color of these blooms is also significant as each color has a meaning.

5 Tips For Green Gardening and a Green Thumb

Gardening is a rewarding part of living a greener lifestyle. Seasonal availability of fresh vegetables and fruit, picked only at the peak of ripeness, makes meals healthier and more delicious. You can easily avoid the use of chemical fertilizers by maintaining an all-organic garden. Producing some of your family’s food needs at home also saves money and reduces trips to the grocery.

Functional and Beautiful Herb Garden Designs

For millennia herbs have been used not only for their taste and aroma but also for healing both the body and mind. Humans have been cultivating basil, rosemary, lavender and sage, just to name a very few of the many available, throughout time for countless useful purposes. Besides enjoying things like thyme or oregano in our pasta and smelling the wonderful scents of lavender and mint, we also drink herbal teas and use topical preparations for healing.

Imitate Tudor Home Gardens With These Easy Design Tips

Tudor homes and their ornate style gardens are not the easiest to replicate if you are not sure of what goes into a Tudor garden in the first place. To begin, structuring your home to imitate Tudor-style gardens first requires that you have a knowledge of the Tudor structure before you can begin planting shrubs, flowers, and other ornamental plants.

Outdoor Orchids

For those who live in cooler climates, orchids will basically thrive outdoors only during the summer months. Actually, there are not many orchids that can be grown outdoors except in tropical or subtropical regions.

The Orchid Pot – The Essential Container For Your Plant

This article gives an overview of three common types of orchid pots and how they can be used to help your orchid. Types of orchid pots include: terra-cotta, plastic, and basket pots. Choosing the right pot will help you maintain optimal health for your orchid and help you best display them.

Tomato Growing Tips on Why You Should Prune

All about pruning your tomato plant. Why and how you should prune.

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