Planting a Hedge of Sprinter Boxwoods 🌱// Garden Answer

Three Ideas to a Vegetable Garden With Limited Space

Yes you can grow your own vegetables even if you have limited space. Here are some options you can consider.

Seven Tips For Orchid Watering

Orchids are different from other houseplants, especially when it comes to watering. To help keep your plant healthy, proper orchid watering is essential.

How to Grow Free Organic Vegetables by Farming the Wilds

Grow your own vegetables in the wilds and have food for free. Legal and ethical ways to farm the wilds.

Can Electricity Grow More Vegetables?

Could electrical growing methods in the organic garden help you get rich? Certainly, electrical fields are said to grow larger plants!

How to Water Orchids Correctly

Watering orchids can be one of the biggest pitfalls of the new orchid grower. They tend to use the same methods as for other house plants. One of the biggest errors is overwatering and this can result in an unhealthy or even dead plant. Following these guidelines will help to prevent problems caused by overwatering.

Container Herb Gardening Made Simple

Container herb gardening can mean hours of pleasure for you and your family, relaxing scents in your home, and having your favorite herbs just within your reach. Know the basics of gardening in pots here.

Pruning Knockout Roses

In order to make the best decision when pruning Knockout roses several factors need to be considered. This variety is a brand new hybrid that requires less care than most of the other types. However some trimming and pruning is required even for these low maintenance varieties.

How to Repot Orchids the Right Way

Orchid repotting is simply moving your orchid to another pot, usually a better and a bigger one. As the orchid grow bigger it eventually needs a larger place to live healthy and thriving. Although orchid repotting in general is similar to the repotting of common house plants, but there are some aspects that you should attend to carefully.

When to Prune Roses

Rose bushes that are planted less than a year ago are clipped and pruned harshly, leaving one, two or three good stems, each approximately 40 cm in length. The lifespan rose bushes that are pruned back hard every year is usually about 15 years at the most, but this also depends on how you take care of the bush otherwise.

Herb Growing – Which Herbs to Grow

Herb growing is a wonderful hobby that can save you money and enhance your cooking and gardening skills. Your homemade meals will brighten considerably with a dash of fresh herbs. Having a herb garden means having herbs handy whenever you need them.

How to Set Up an Organic Garden

Maybe many of your efforts of starting up an organic garden of your own have failed miserably due to lack of time and knowledge. In this article I would try my level best to enlighten you about some of the planning procedures and considerations that you must keep in your mind when starting up with an organic garden.

Simple Garden Tips For Your Backyard

Most people are not farmers. But you don’t have to be a farmer to grow a good crop in your backyard.

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