Planting a Japanese Maple in a Pot (+ Tips on Growing Trees in Containers)! πŸ’šπŸŒ³πŸ’š // Garden Answer

Make Your Plants Happy by Using Chicken Manure For Fertilizer

Because I grew up in Central Florida’s favorable climate, I learned how to take advantage of excellent growing conditions during the entire year. I remember how my grandparents, both avid gardeners, used to keep a large container on the kitchen counter.

Buy Rainwater Tank – 7 Things to Consider

So you have made the decision to by a rainwater tank? That is wonderful!

Household Greenhouses – How You Can Save Your Vegetation

For virtually any individual that has a strong interest in horticulture and who has their own plant life to grow, getting a greenhouse may be one of the best things they ever do. Home garden greenhouses are used to house plants of all types and will help to make looking after the plant life much simpler. You can find a lot more benefits of home garden greenhouses than most people know about. Not surprisingly the main benefit of the greenhouse is the fact that by using it you can manipulate the living atmosphere of your plants.

Why Dwarf Fruit Trees Are Easier Than the Larger Variety

Dwarf fruit trees offer advantages over the larger tree varieties. Since they are in pots they are portable. They are already pruned to be efficient and grow quite a bit of a fruit on their small frames.

Growing Gooseberries in the Home Garden

You don’t usually see gooseberries as much as say raspberries, cherries or strawberries – yet they have a wonderful taste and effect on the palate – so if you have room – give them a go. There are many varieties of gooseberry to try, from those that have tiny, sweet yellow fruits to those that produce large, red dessert types.

Three Things to Consider in Growing Tomatoes

Whether you grow your tomatoes in a pot on the patio, or directly in the garden, there is much to consider in growing delicious tomatoes. It is actually easy, though, so give it a try.

To Mulch Or Not to Mulch?

An effective way to avoid having to rake grass cuttings is to mow with a mulching mower. When you have a mulching mower, it cuts clippings into small pieces and redistributes them evenly back into the lawn. Mulching mowers could not only reduce your yard maintenance work, but they can also help make your grass greener. Otherwise, you might end up either raking or bagging your grass clippings. This, in turn, means disposing of those grass clippings or recycling them, all of which means additional work.

How Living Soil Encourages Healthy Happy Worms

Living soil encourages healthy happy earthworms. Healthy worms are one of natures greatest helpers in producing healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables for you and your family. Learn how living soil and natures tiller (the earthworm) can benefit you and your family now.

Using Worm Castings For Natural Fertilizer

People all over the world have been making use of worm castings, or vermicast, for thousands of years. Worms are miniature recycling centers, ridding the Earth of waste while simultaneously creating a new and useful product.

All About Herb Gardens

Herbs have been around for a very long time–from Ancient Egypt and China, through Biblical and Medieval times-they’ve graced the household. Used for centuries by gardeners to flavor foods, as natural medicinal remedies or for their color and scent, herbs are amongst the easiest plants to grow. Read on for information about growing fresh and flavorful herbs.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Transplanting Roses

Whether you’re trying to position them for better sun exposure, or moving across town and taking your beloved blooms with you, transplanting roses is a tricky undertaking. Without careful planning and a willingness to adhere to some very specific tips, your roses run the risk of not surviving the transfer. Before you begin pulling up root balls, prepare yourself for the task at hand with some expert gardening advice on transplanting roses. Read more

Growing Vegetables

Growing vegetables can be both rewarding and save you money. Here are some tips for better success.

Growing Tomatoes at Home

Tomatoes grown in home gardens taste so much better than the ones sold in the grocery stores. It is well worth trying this task in your backyard. Just look through the types of tomato seeds or starter plants and find the one you would most like to grow. Then below are a few tips to help you grow the tomatoes at your house.

Container Vegetable Gardening – 5 Easy Steps to Start Growing Your Own Vegetables

Container gardening is easy and can be fun for the whole family. Almost anything you can grow in a garden can be grown in containers. Its simple to start and can be done in 5 easy steps.

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