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Creating a Natural and Wild Looking Garden

Wild roses and single-flowered shrub roses should be planted with perennials and grasses chosen to create a more natural, old-fashioned look. Examples include globe thistles (Ecbinops bannaticus), monkshood (Aconitum), and salvia (Salvia nemorosa). They also make good companions for many of the ornamental grasses such as blue oat grass (Helictotrichon), Festuca scoparia and F.

Companion Planting With Perennials

Roses can look particularly effective when they’re grown in combination with other plants, especially with flowering perennials, or with grasses and other perennials grown for their foliage. All these plants will enhance the beauty of the roses (provided, of course, that the colors don’t clash).

How to Grow Organic Carrots, Part Five – Storing Carrots

A step-by-step guide to storing organic carrots that insures a great crop of delicious carrots well into the wintertime. Part Five of a series that teaches, in detail, how to grow carrots, from start to finish, without pesticides, and without unnecessary labor.

How to Grow Organic Carrots, Part Four – Harvesting Carrots

A step-by-step guide to harvesting carrots that insures a great crop of delicious carrots. Part Four of a series that teaches, in detail, how to grow carrots, from start to finish, without pesticides, and without unnecessary labor.

How to Grow Organic Carrots, Part Three – Growing Healthy Carrot Plants

A step-by-step guide to growing healthy carrot plants that insures a great crop of delicious carrots. Part Three of a series that teaches, in detail, how to grow carrots, from start to finish, without pesticides, and without unnecessary labor.

Have You Used Your Sage Herb Wisely?

Common Sage (salvia officinalis) grows as a perennial evergreen bush. The plant should be pruned to encourage new growth with stronger flavored leaves. Pruning will keep the plant in a uniform bush shape without the woody stems associated with the sage plant.

Indoor Plant Care Tips to Help Your Plants Grow

The best way to keep them healthy is to provide them with the best type of lighting, soil, and temperature to match their natural environment(s). Humidity and temperatures can drastically affect indoor plants, so make sure you grow plants that will survive easily within your home or office.

The Secrets of Making Healthy Compost

This articles explains how to make good healthy compost. It discusses the pro’s and con’s of compost and gives the reader some tips on how to stop their compost smelling. It explains the 2 basic methods fast (hot) and slow (cold) and reveals the mysteries of the Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio. It lists of things that can go into the compost and those that can not.

Different Choices in Container Garden Designs Plants

Container garden designs plants – ideas and suggestions. For making a garden of your choice which has all the great combination you have thought of, you can utilize these great container garden design plants ideas. A fabulous container garden can be made with endless varieties. The container garden design plants that you choose for your garden decides upon whether your garden is going o be simple or an elaborate one. If you don’t have enough open space, container garden designs can be very useful to you.

Container Plant Ideas to Make Your Home Garden Attractive

Find great container plant ideas for a successful garden in the house all year round and enjoy living amongst nature. Generally in cramped city dwellings outdoor space is not available in every home, and container gardens become the way of enjoying plants and flowers in such circumstances. By following some container plant ideas you can make your container garden look more impressive and beautiful. Container plants are fun and offer immediate gratification.

Tips to Building a Compost Bin

Your guide to building a compost bin. Find tips and ideas as to how you can build a compost bin out of junk in your house. Building a compost bin is easy and fun. You can build one with the materials available at your home or if you want to take it further you may buy stuff from the market. But in all probability you can build one with the junk available in your backyard or the loft. Just use your imagination and scout the entire house. You will find stuff which you have never known how to use.

A Guide to the Best Container Plants

Find best container plants so that you have a blooming and colorful flora all around you, all year round! Generally plants that look good in garden are also best container plants. You need to use your imagination and select plants according to the climatic conditions in case you want to add glory to your container garden. Although you can have a long lasting garden in temperate or tropical climate areas, yet you may feel like changing the plants from time to time.

Tips to Grow Container Grown Tomato Plants

For home gardeners, container grown tomato plants is the most preferred vegetable because it is easy to grow in the limited resources of the urban balcony. For healthy jug grown tomato vegetation you need lot of sunlight. Without sun you cannot grow tomatoes. Thus place your jug grown tomato plants in a bright sunny area of the house. You will also need jars which are large; at least 5 gallons in size. You cannot grow tomatoes in small tiny pots. Do also remember to arrange for a wire cage so that the urn grown tomatoes can be kept upright.

Basics of Growing Herbs in a Container

It is a truly wonderful thing to have an herb garden. And growing container herbs which can be moved around to both for harvesting as well as ensuring that the plant grows well is a really good way of constructing your garden.

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