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Enjoy the Bulbs in Summer and Spring

In early summer, rich purple is still present in the flower heads of alliums, while gorgeous blue is possible with tall camasses, which emerge from the borders and grass lands. Later blues are rarer, but they are still possible with freesias, anemones and tritely. The mid to late summer range of tubers, rhizomes, bulbs and corms is dazzling. Dahlias and gladioli are available in dozens of brilliant hues, ranging from red, yellow, orange, pink and purple to white, while begonias and cannas light up the border with fiery yellows, oranges and reds.

Home Vegetable Gardening – You Just Can’t Beat a Beet

They come in a multitude of colors and are grown for more than just the roots that people normally eat. If you haven’t tried growing them before, you should now, you will find that growing beets is easier than you think.

Summer Protection For Bulbs

Gladioli might still be on sale, and late plantings now will give color in autumn. Purchases of growing dahlias and begonias, cannas and arum lily will allow you to obtain lots of color this summer, although the range of colors will be more restricted than with dry tubers, rhizomes and so forth purchased in late winter.

Longer Lives For Gift Plants

Delight over a blooming plant can turn to keen disappointment if you don’t know how to give it proper care. You can feel quite resentful – unjustifiably so, if you mistakenly assume that all plants should live on in definitely, as do many foliage plants.

Tips on Organic Gardening – Learn How to Enjoy it and Get the Benefits Associated With Your Work

You can travel almost two decades, and you’ll see that organic gardening has placed itself in a permanent position of demand. Whereas in the first few years of the 90s, organic foods were a rarity, and hardly bought. Today, organic foods are a frequented item by countless buyers.

Discover Many Wonderful Types of Herb Garden Plants

Herbs, like other plant types, are annuals, perennials, and biennials. Many types of herbs exist yet the uniqueness of each is understood. Your interest in a particular type of herb should lead you to research that herb type completely to thoroughly understand its proper use and care. Keep reading to find out the various herb types along with their proper use and purpose.

Growing a Windowsill Herb Garden

Herbs can be grown outdoor or indoor. You may want to start with a small garden that you can easily take care of, and if you want to be with your plants for the whole year or just for the winter season. If you want to plant indoors, better cultivate a windowsill herb garden so your herbs will receive their needed sunlight.

Greenhouse – Build Your Own

A hobby nursery could supply a brand-new attribute to the usefulness and productiveness of a household garden. Tropic plant life may be produced and savored year-around, or seasonal plants could be farmed to generate a head beginning on springtime.

Meanings of Flowers in American Culture

We will be going over some of the more common, and popular flowers that are found out there. If you were to receive a pink carnation, that would mean that the person that sent you that carnation will never forget you. If you were to receive the red carnation that basically means that someone misses you a lot. It means that you are in their heart.

Organic Gardening Compost – What You Need to Know

Composting is a natural, simple and easy process of making your own organic gardening compost. However, some misinformation and myths have been circulating about this activity, and this article tries to clear them up.

July in Your Garden

July does not always have the highest temperatures and the hottest days of the year. We can generally count on some very hot days in the Home Counties, but the fine weather soon breaks up with a thunderstorm accompanied by merciless rain or hail. Westerly winds may lead to July being one of the wettest months of the year.

Jobs in the Garden in June

We seldom get a flaming June, but the sun will be at its strongest, and this is often the driest month of the year. Temperatures rise from time to time to 27Β°C. (81Β°F.) in the afternoons, but unfortunately thunderstorms have the habit of abruptly ending the fine summer spells. Roses are said to be the epitome of June but the month is surely shared with the cottager’s paeony. I like the way when picked their massive heads disintegrate on the table with a loud bang when their day is done.

Classification of Herbs and Planning Required to Raise Them

Herb gardening in broad is based upon three important aspects: Collection of the right plants, Preparation of the right kind of soil suitable for the plants and the after care of the plants, which is also the most essential of the three factors. If we have to select which herbs we want to implant and produce, we should understand the types of herbs available. Herbs can be classified based upon their usage, based upon the essence and based upon their duration.

Basic Garden Planning For the Beginner

Successful garden planning involves a proper balance between taste and utility. If the garden is to be satisfactory and give lasting pleasure it must be well fitted for the purpose (or purposes, for there may well be several) for which it is required and also be pleasing to the eye. One garden maker may wish to devote most space to flowers, a second to fruit, a third to vegetables. It may be essential to have a place for the baby to crawl with safety, for children to romp or for the washing to be aired. Some gardeners are interested in only a few types of plant, whereas others seek for maximum variety in the available space. It may even be that plants themselves are not a prime consideration, but rather design, which can be largely an architectural matter. Good gardens can be made to suit each of these needs or one garden may be divided into several sections, each with its own purpose or style. The really important point is to be quite clear at the outset what that purpose or style is and to plan accordingly.

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