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10 Valuable Vegetable Tips for Indoor Gardening

When you’re selecting vegetables to grow in an indoor garden, your best choices are usually smaller cool-climate and early-season plants. These include tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables, leafy greens and herbs. Listed below are 10 indoor growing tips to help you in your quest for a great indoor vegetable garden.

Planting a Coastal Garden

For those lucky enough to live by the coast there are however a few problems posed to the gardener. Strong, often salty winds are probably the main problem for the coastal gardener to contend with. But with appropriate shelter from the wind and a few well chosen plants, coastal gardens have a magic all of their own. Here is a short guide to gardening by the sea and a few plants that will positively thrive in a coastal environment.

Growing Sunflowers – What You Thought You Knew

Growing sunflowers has been apart of our culture for years, this article is to give you some information you did not know about growing sunflowers, including its uses, origin, and huge market. As well as the best method to grow hundreds of sunflowers in just a couple of days!

Attract Bluebirds

Attract bluebirds because they are among the most beloved of North American birds. It’s not just their colors that are attractive, but their behavior is so intriguing.

Bluebird House Placement

The bluebird is one of the most striking of all North American birds. This article covers where and when bluebird houses should be placed.

Bluebird Houses

Bluebirds are highly desirable birds. Put up a bluebird house so that you can enjoy the birds’ charming behaviors.

Finding the Best Price on 600 Watt Ballasts

Finding the best price on a 600 watt ballast cannot be the easiest process. In many cases when you go to do a new retrofit of your greenhouse you will be working through a contractor in order to get the work done. Switching over your ballasts and bulbs can help you to cut down on your energy costs and also allow you to have brighter lights which will help you to increase your crop yield.

The Art Of Garden Design – Surveying and Measuring

This article will focus on the next step following on from the creation of your garden design wish list. The practice of surveying and measuring your plot is perhaps the most important aspect of the overall design. It is critical that your survey is accurate in order to prepare your design plan for the creation of your new garden. It is much better and of course less expensive to make any mistakes on paper first as opposed to the actual point of construction. The initial survey begins with an outline sketch of your existing garden plot as it is and from here you will work up your various ideas developed from the creation of your wish list.

Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

If the weather in your area of the world is anything like mine, then chances are there are many varieties of vegetables that you simply can not start from seeds directly outdoors. This is because the amount of time you would have from the moment the weather “cooperates” until the day when the weather no longer “cooperates” isn’t very long.

Organic Gardening – 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Gardening

Increasing numbers of people are eating organic food, and using organic products. If you’re a gardener, read on to discover 9 reasons why you should switch to organic gardening.

Gardening Advice – 6 Things to Do in July

You could be forgiven for thinking summer had not yet arrived in the UK. With all this rain, the usual high-summer worries of drought and under-watered plants seem ironically rebuked by the cloud gods. During the hosepipe ban earlier this year, I decided to ‘do my bit’ and diligently installed a water butt to catch any run off from our gutters – insurance, I hoped, against a cruelly dry summer that might sap the life from my flowers and veg.

Feeding Birds – 3 Tips For Feeding Birds

Feeding birds is a rewarding hobby for both you and the birds. There are many varieties of birds to enjoy watching. Different groups of birds prefer different food and different feeding habits. Birds get most of their diet from the wild. But, feeding them during periods of the year that natural food is not as plentiful is very helpful to the birds. Plus, watching their activity is a lot of fun.

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