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How and When To Transplant Roses

Gardeners will have various reasons for transplanting roses. However, do you know how to transplant roses to survive for years to come? Whether you are transplanting roses for the first time, moving an existing plant to a better location or want to remodel your garden, knowing how to transplant them is a necessity.

Types of Orchids The World Over

There are thousands of orchids found all over the world. They are a family of elegant and exotic flowers. The orchid family boasts more types of species than any other plant family.

How to Water Orchids the Right Way

Watering orchids is tricky in some ways as there are a lot of misconceptions about the amount of moisture they need. Most of them are tropical in origin so a common error is to water them as many times as possible. This is a common mistake among orchid growers.

Using Baskets As Orchid Pots

You may be surprised to discover that some orchids like super aerated growing conditions. This is why a basket is ideal for growing the cattleya.

Four General Tips on Orchid Propagation

Have you succumbed to the charm and beauty of an orchid? If you’re already a keen gardener there’s every chance you’ve decided you want to start a family – an Orchidaceae family that is! You may have heard that orchid propagation isn’t easy.

How To Create Your Own Little Garden Paradise

Here are some simple and helpful ideas and down to earth modest wording for anyone to understand, how to create your own little garden paradise at your home. By using some common sense, this can bring you satisfaction and some good fresh fruits and vegetables to your table. Thus saving some real money in the process. Enjoy reading.

How to Water Orchids – What You Need to Know

Although many orchids are easy to grow and care for, there are a few things that need to be considered in order to have healthy plants. One of these is watering. It can be easy for the beginner to over water their plants so having a basic understanding of the watering requirements is critical.

Unique Flower Designs and September’s Birthflower – The Aster

Wondering what to include in your unique flower designs? Or maybe you’re just looking for a dainty, yet hardy flower for your garden. September’s birthflower, the Aster may be the right choice for you.

The Best Time to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

The stages of growing tomatoes from seeds and when to begin growing. How to effectively deal with every step of the way from seed to seedling to garden.

Seven Organic Gardening Ways to Make a Hanging Basket – Free

Seven environmentally friendly ways to make a free hanging basket for your organic garden that rarely needs watering. All use recycled materials and take little time or effort.

Clever Green Gardening Tips for Growing Beans Intensively

How do you grow beans in volume? Here’s a brilliantly quick and easy idea for the low maintenance organic garden. Heirloom beans will grow in a very small root space, so why not exploit that?

A Green Gardening Tip to Grow Vegetables Earlier Using Bottle Beds

Here’s a lazy gardening tip to grow organic vegetables earlier than usual, in the sustainable low maintenance garden. It recycles common materials, is chemical-free and costs nothing.

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