Planting Around a Pond

If You Want to Do Up Your Garden, Think Pear Trees

Pear as a fruit gets its share of unfair neglect but you can turn it around. If you like good pear, there is no better place to get it than your own pear orchard. This article tries to cover the basics of growing and planting a pear tree.

It Isn’t As Hard to Grow a Pineapple Tree As You Would Think

Pineapples enjoy popularity for their sweet taste and unique texture. For those who like to spend their time in the garden or people who want to have an indoor plant a pineapple tree is just the solution. This article aims to cover why choosing to grow one is a good idea.

Wholesale Lilies Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Arrangements

Wholesale Lilies are a cost-effective way to make any event special, and to give added color and texture to your retail florist offering. With wider variety, Stargazer, Oriental, Peruvian, Calla just to name a few, and more brilliant, lustrous and gorgeous blooms, lilies are becoming more popular than ever.

Designing Your Herb Garden – Five Steps to Start Your Garden

Gardening is not an ABC kind of thing. It requires a lot of effort, time and planning. Now, choosing your herbs and soil was hard.

Why Watering Tomatoes Correctly is Important

It isn’t just important to water your tomatoes, but to water them the right way. Tomato plants need water in order for the nutrients to be absorbed by the roots.

Basic Garden Tools For Growing Flowers

Here are some basic tools every gardener needs for growing and primping their flowers. Are you ready yet for the spring?

Edible Flowers and Herbs For the Kitchen Garden

Having a garden in or close to the kitchen is great. Who wouldn’t want to add a handful of fresh Rosemary to their pot of spaghetti? One way is to have a small garden (or kitchen garden) just outside the back door so there is easy access to the herbs and flowers in this garden that are used on a daily basis.

How Much Water Do Your Perennials Need?

I always worried about watering my perennials. Was I doing it too often or not enough, and how much water should I be using.

Vegetable Companion Planting

Companion planting is a term used in gardening and is accomplished by planting certain plants by each other. They compliment each other in the growing season. Just as insects cannot get along with some insects, so it is with plants.

Do You Want to Enjoy Your Own Delightful Kitchen Herb Garden?

Do you appreciate the delicious difference fresh, aromatic herbs can make to your cooking? Then you may want to grow your own kitchen herb garden. Growing your own culinary garden is actually easier than you think. Follow a couple of steps and some advice and you will be on your way to harvesting your own fresh herbs whenever you want to.

Growing Herbs – A Quick Overview

Home herb gardening has become quite popular in recent years. But, historically, it is a time-honored tradition that goes back thousands of years. The benefits of cultivating your own fresh herbs are many.

Six Steps For a More Productive Tomato Garden

Thinking about a tomato garden? It’s not the most popular home grown vegetable in America.

Being Safe in the Garden

Whilst gardening, there is a genuine need to be mindful of your own personal safety. At this moment in time, I am not talking about drastic injuries, but rather, some of the lesser annoyances that you may not have previously considered, if you are new to this mucking around in the garden thing.

People Have Differing Opinions About Methods of Lawn Care

When it comes to mowing the lawn, people have many ideas about how best to do it. For many people, lawn care is a very serious task, and they use only the best equipment to get the job done.

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