Planting at Laura’s Parents Home

Do You Diaper Your Seedlings?

Starting seedlings inside the house can be a problem in many ways. One of the biggest difficulties is trying to keep them well watered. Read this article and hopefully it will give you some tips on how to rectify this.

Gardening Leads to a Healthier Life

Gardening makes you feel good and it positively DOES you good, physically, mentally and spiritually. Just take some herbs and make a pot of tea!

Grow Kohlrabi in Your Home Vegetable Garden

If you like cabbage and broccoli then you will love their cousin, Kohlrabi. You can add it to a variety of recipes to liven up a dinner or lunch and the best part is when you follow these tips, it will be easy to grow and harvest in your home vegetable garden.

Rubber Plants – Facts You Need To Know

Are you looking for a carefree house plant that grows tall and can fill a decent amount of space? The Rubber plant will be perfect for you. The plant does very good in just about any home condition and can furnish years of indoor greenery if cared for the right way. The most aspect of rubber plants is the deep green and glossy foliage that can remain nice and shiny if cleaned occasionally with soapy sponge and then pure plain water.

Worm Farms

Many people have started to recycle their rubbish, like plastic, glass and paper, but every year there is more rubbish and the landfills are having difficulty coping. Something that can help minimize the amount of rubbish that comes from your home and give you something to do at the same time is worm farms.

Planting Partnerships in the Garden

Seasons vary, and some flowers will last longer than others, depending on the temperature and moisture, but there is usually quite an overlap between all these plants, with the exception only of the late flowering Dutch crocuses. These flower with the early daffodils and tulips but will not usually last long enough to partner hyacinths and double early tulips, which will be in bloom slightly later and flower on into mid spring as well.

Organic Gardening Compost

Composting is the process of combining organic matters, under controlled conditions, and allowing the raw components to convert into humus (decomposing materials). The decomposition of compost is a slow but…

Designing a Garden

Everybody can grow plants, but it takes talent and skills to arrange them in a beautiful landscape. It takes a lot of efforts and skills to blend your garden with your house and make the entire property look good. In fact, very few people understand that gardening plants in the right way actually increase property values. It also becomes a kind of style statement of your house, as many passersby may recognize your house through the kind of garden you have.

The Eco-Friendly Garden

In my previous article “Greening Your Home and Garden” I was mainly going to write about gardens – but ended up writing about home practices, and so this article The Eco-Friendly Garden is focused on the exterior of the home – the garden. And you can have a garden no matter how small an area is available to you.

Some Differences in Organic and Non-Organic Gardens

A couple of differences between organic garden vegetables and many non-organic garden vegetables are the ingredients used to grow the vegetables in the garden. For instance, in a non-organic garden you have commercial fertilizers that are used much of the time to give the plants nutrients in order to grow quickly.

Grow Room Supplies and Equipment

Utilizing high quality cultivation equipment and keeping a soil-less system well kept up is vital for cultivating impressive flowers. In order to grow premium crops it is needed to provide them with an optimum environment.

Hydroponic Systems Can Be Used For Any Plants Or Herbs

Hydroponic growing systems have been researched for many years and are presently utilized by various gardeners. There are now many different hydroponic systems that can be utilized to cultivate a range of various herbs in almost any environment.

Grow Lights Are Important For Indoor Gardening

Light is essential to herb growth. Gardening indoors necessitates providing your plants with light similar to what they would get outside in the sun. Grow lights are extremely important for any grow room gardening operation. Sunlight provides a great deal of light for herbs growing outdoors and creating that effect indoors is difficult.

It’s Easy Growing Herbs in Pots, I’ll Show You How

All you need to know about growing herbs in pots. You can have an herb garden no matter where you live. I’ll show you how…

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