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How to Grow a Herb Garden

Herbs are the lifeline of any kitchen. Without them, dishes would end up be bland and unattractive. In addition, many gardeners use herbs for the medicinal value as well as for their aromatic properties to ease stress and strain.

Strawberry Pot Fountain For Your Patio Garden

Imagine how vibrant your patio garden area will look with a colorful and unique strawberry pot fountain? In fact, no garden is complete without a fountain.

Easy Vegetable Garden Growing For Apartment Living

No longer do people have the luxury of living in homes with a large garden. Many people now live in apartments and condos, but this does not mean that they cannot grow their own vegetables. Surprised? Well, you should not be. Here are a few ideas to get you started successfully on vegetable garden growing for apartment living.

Rainy Day? No Problem, Use Rain Chains in Your Garden

If you are planning to add a water feature in the garden or a water fountain, then choose a rain chain. It is a unique water feature that creates gentle sounds. But you might be wondering what are rain chains.

Items to Keep Out of Your Compost

Compost is very good for the garden and many people use it on a regular basis. However, lots of people do not know what to look for and what to avoid from their compost. This is very essential for maintaining a healthy garden.

Providing the Right Light For Herbs Grown Indoors

There are several different herbs that you can grow indoors. And there are only a few factors that you need to pay attention to for them to grow vibrant and flourish indoors. One of these is the lighting.

The Many Purposes of Herb Garden Plants

As with other kinds of plants, herbs may be classified as annual, perennial, and biennial. Many, many distinct kinds of herbs exist, each with its own individuality. Should you have an interest in any particular kind of herb, you need to get information on it specifically to know the care it requires and to understand its proper usage.

Plant Care For Non-Gardeners

The best initial step for you, who is the beginner here, is to go out into the middle part of your garden. Slowly survey your garden by making a full turn with your body. You can go counter clockwise or clockwise. Do the turn a second time but with your second turn, visually segregate your garden plants into their different types. Take notice of which plants are shrubs, which are the taller ones and which are the tall ones with many leaves.

Tending House Plants is an Effective Stress Reliever

Gardening has proven to be effective in relieving ones stress and boosting our mental abilities. It is simply because house plants and outdoor plants have these natural therapeutic characteristics that help our mind to relax and make our day feel right. Many health experts have been raving about the benefits of having plants around your place so you can be healthier and fitter everyday of the week.

Spider Plant As Your House Plant

Spider plants are hanging plants and the reason why many home owners choose them is because they are easy to grow. It is also one of the first few plants, newly interested gardeners are getting their hands on. If you would like spider plants to be one of your Houseplants, you should know how to take care of it well.

Tips in Buying Essential Indoor Gardening Tools

Indoor gardening is more enjoyable when you have the right tools to keep you going. But with all the gardening tools sold in the market today, how would you know if you have the proper materials that are both durable and affordable?

Gardening Can Be More Fun With the Correct Tools

Having the correct tool for the job is true in any job. This also applies to gardening. If you have the wrong tool in gardening, then it will be harder to get the job done thereby making it not as enjoyable. Below is a minimal list of equipment that you should have in your tool arsenal for gardening.

Herbs Gardens – Why They Are So Popular Today

More and more we are hearing about how the American population is overweight and sedentary. This is particularly heartbreaking when talking about children. So in an effort to slim down waist lines in America, more and more people are getting back to basics with great tasting natural foods and that is making herb gardens more popular than ever.

Winning Herb Garden Design

When thinking about planting an herb garden, many people immediately jump to herb garden design, and while it’s good to have a plan, it’s not the first place to start. The first thing you need to consider before creating your herbal garden design is the climate in which you live. If you live in a cooler climate, then you should really think about planting a potted herb garden instead of planting a garden in the ground.

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