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Benefits of Using Mulch

You don’t have to use mulch in your garden, however the extra effort really pays off in the end. It’s also very easy to apply and quite simple really. We will review some of the advantages and types of mulches available that you can use in your garden.

Different Ways to Create Your Own Mini Herb Garden

If you love color green and enjoy plants, then read this article and find interesting tips about growing a mini herb garden. You will have all the herbs your kitchen demands preparing delicious dishes at home.

Windowsill Herb Garden – Six Herbs For Health

Nature offers innumerable resources for mankind and one such gift are herbs that can help with most common ailments. Ancient civilizations used herbs successfully but with improvements in science and technology the medicinal significance of these herbs diminished. However there is a revived interest on the subject of herbal remedies as more and more people are resorting to alternative therapy like natural medicines and aromatherapy due to the side effects of allopathic drugs.

Irrigating Your Backyard Vineyard

One of the challenges for those with small backyard vineyards is how to water your vines. Things discussed are; how much water should you give the vines, how frequent should the watering be, how does rainfall impact the irrigation plans, what does water do for the vines, what does it do for the grapes? Important irrigation information that applies to vines that are 4 years old or more.

About Hybrid Teas

These roses are officially classed as large-flowered bush roses. However, they’re better known under their traditional name – hybrid teas – and are arguably the most beautiful of all roses.

A Unique Way to Make Compost That Works Wonders

There are several advantages to making compost in a colloid form. For one, it can be made quickly. It’s possible to make enough to last an entire year in just a day. You don’t have to spend weeks collecting kitchen scraps and then turning them over and over.

Hay Gives Plants Horsepower

Want great performance from your perennials? “Fuel them with high-octane alfalfa hay tea,” says John Dromgoole, Austin, Texas, host of the “Gardening Naturally” radio program.

Rose Breeding and Antique Roses

Rose breeding has always been in a state of constant change, so this type of classification isn’t very satisfactory. For all the academic disagreement which has surrounded them, these roses are very beautiful.

Preformed Water Feature Guide on How to Build One in Your Garden Easily

Preformed water features are one of the easiest ponds for a beginner there are several different options available when deciding if a preformed pond is the best for you. My advise is buy the best you can afford.

The Use of Bio Pest Control in the Garden

Find out which bio control in the garden is good for you. There are quite a few of them and you can select one that is suitable for your crop type. With the consciousness for environment on a rise, bio control in the garden is becoming more popular. With concern for environment, hard pesticides are being discarded by many, making way to soft bio pest control or organic pest control.

Defeating Plant Diseases the Organic Way

All kinds of plants, from mighty oaks to dainty annual flowers, are susceptible to the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause plant diseases. But that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to diseased plants.

Long Term Plantings in the Garden

Many of the more flamboyant tulips do not flower reliably if they are left in a container for a second season. It is usually best to start again with new bulbs in fresh compost. Some of the smaller species and cultivars will perform well another year, however, as will many narcissi and grape hyacinths. Plan ahead so that you can enjoy a more mature planting scheme in subsequent years.

Home and Garden Supply – The Basics to Begin Your Container Garden

Container gardening is fun, easy to begin, inexpensive (you may even SAVE money growing plants or vegetables you would otherwise purchase) and really great for folks who don’t have much yard space for ground-bed gardens. There are few things you want to consider before you set off to the Home and Garden Supply store. Here are five.

Secrets of the First Thanksgiving Offer Help to Modern Gardeners

Most American schoolchildren know the Pilgrims came to America, landed at Plymouth Rock and struggled to survive before eventually celebrating their First Thanksgiving with the Native Americans. What few Americans know are the secrets of one Native American helped to make that First Thanksgiving possible, and those gardening secrets are just as relevant today. The Pilgrims were struggling because their gardening knowledge and techniques were based on a very different climate and soil conditions-those of Europe, instead of New England.

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