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Preparing Your Home Vegetable Garden to Grow Corn

For the home vegetable gardener, proper preparation of one’s soil can lead to tremendous success when it comes to growing great corn. Here are some steps you can take to make that possible.

Grow Your Own Organic Green Tea Shrubs

Growing your own organic green tea has it’s rewards. You’ll have a sense of pride and accomplishment in knowing that you’re able to produce something that is both healthy and tasty in your own garden.

Beginner Organic Gardening Site Selection and Preparation

There are 2 factors to be decided on when starting your garden. Select a site near the house. If the garden area is easily accessible from the house, you will be more likely to want to come out and work in it.

Growing Asparagus

Asparagus is most commonly grown from established roots or crowns, but can also be grown from seeds. Once established it is very hardy, even in colder climates. Because asparagus is a perennial it is one of the first vegetables to be harvested in spring.

Landscape Gardening

Create any effect you wish with different combinations of vegetation. Use ornaments and props that are available and affordable if you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money. Plan your space so it fits your lifestyle. Increase the value of your home with landscaping.

The Importance of Garden Buildings

Garden buildings happen to be some of the most useful structures but at the same time the most neglected of all. You do not realize how important your garden building is until you hit a snag in terms of storage space and the only way out is that garage in your garden. There are elements and substances unfit for storage within the main house and all of those find their way into the space in the garage.

Vegetable Gardening Supplies Fresh Food

Vegetable gardening is the best way to have fresher, tastier, healthier produce than can be found in any supermarket. Soil, water, light, a little shelter and some work are all that is really needed, so whether you only have space on your balcony for a container, or you have acres of land at your disposal, everyone can enjoy the tasty results of vegetable gardening.

Organic Container Gardening For Herbs

The definition of an herb varies but broadly it is a seed plant that usually has a short life span of a season, and is a plant that is valued for its medicinal, savory or aromatic qualities. The range of plants which come under this term are numerous and there are perennial ones, but the most commonly grown include Iris, sunflowers, lavender and marigolds in the flowering group and basil, thyme, sage and rosemary in your kitchen herbs group.

Growing a Healthy Garden is Not For Beginners

The first time I tried to begin a garden is one I don’t think I’ll ever forget. What a disaster! I just knew I’d never try to garden again.

7 Beginner Organic Gardening Tips by the Yard

Do you have a small spot of land or backyard space that you are interested in producing some fruits and or vegetables? Here are 7 tips in making this spot a beautiful place to be.

Vegetable Garden Pests – Aphids

Among the worst vegetable garden pests are aphids. Aphids are small green bugs, about 1 mm long, and they will kill your plants.

Growing Blueberries

There are two main groups of blueberries, lowland blueberries which include the bilberries or whinberries and the better known blueberries.The other group the highland berries are self- pollinating, but will bear more fruit if they are grown with other varieties. For maximum crops at least two varieties should be planted together. There are some differences between the two plants, but essentially the berries are the same.

Survival Gardening Indoors During the Winter

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you should stop gardening and providing for your family. Disaster can strike at anytime, and you need to be prepared!

The Six Styles of Bonsai Trees

While the final appearance of the tree is part of the growers interpretation, there are five or six defined styles that your bonsai will fall into. Within the first five classifications you will find the “Formal Upright” bonsai, the “Informal Upright, the ” Slanting” bonsai, the “Cascade” and the “Semi Cascade” bonsai. Your choice of style will be made early in the life of the bonsai. The actual specimen chosen by you can be governed by the style choice. Also your choice of design and color of the pot will also be influenced by the style of bonsai you choose to grow.

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