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Are Terminator Seeds Real? Is There Any Reason to Worry?

Terminator seeds pose a real threat to plant life. Learn what a terminator seed is and what potential dangers they might cause the environment.

Heirloom Vegetable Gardening

The interest in heirloom vegetable gardening is gaining in popularity in recent years. In the past, all the seed of plants and vegetables that were grown every year were from seeds that had been collected in previous years. These seeds were planted the next year and this was the method that was applied every year to grow the same variety of plants. However, with the advent of genetic engineering nowadays plant and vegetable seeds are produced in mass quantities and most gardeners no longer save their seeds. But the old method of seed collecting is still being continued by a few, and gaining in popularity.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds provide a multi solution strategy for the home garden. We can use them in our vegetable patch, to deal with drainage problems, to solve a difficult soil issue. They also can be used for making an elegant design or interest focus in a garden.

Creating Your Own Herb Garden Designs

If there was a plain-looking garden beside a nice-looking garden, what do you think is the difference? The answer is pretty obvious – the look. Nice-looking gardens are usually a place of well-placed plants and flowers of different colors. With herbs, most people think the garden would look bland and plain and they can’t make an herb garden look good.

Having a Windowsill Herb Garden

When talking about things by the windowsills, we’d normally think “pie.” There are actually more things that you can put in your windowsill that you can use – herb gardens, in particular. Whether or not you are riding the green movement, it’s always nice to have some greens indoors.

Pointers on Growing Herbs on Pots

For indoor herbs, it’s obvious you’re going to need them in pots or containers. Good alternatives include window boxes and hanging baskets. Growing an indoor herb garden isn’t much different than growing them outdoors. They are all herbs, and they require the same basic things.

Tips For How to Garden Vegetables

If you are new to vegetable gardening, there are certain things you must know before you start out. Vegetable gardening is not rocket science, and once you have got the basics right it is extremely simple to do. So what are some of the best tips for how to garden vegetables?

5 Popular Water Garden Pond Plants

Water garden pond plants come in many varieties, with a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. A well planted garden pond has an abundance of water garden pond plants, but the 5 most popular are water lilies, lotuses, calla lilly, iris, and pickerel weed.

Home Vegetable Gardening Tips and Ideas For Beginners

Important tips and basic information on organic vegetable gardening for the first time home gardener. If you are thinking about getting started gardening, you can do it with just a little information and determination.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

There are many advantages of raised bed vegetable gardening. For starts, the soil in raised beds warms up quicker in the spring, allowing you to get an early start on some crops. It can also be easier to garden for some, since they required less bending over to reach. Also, raised beds can generally be constructed easily and quickly, and are especially good in areas with poor or dense clay soil.

Use of Organic Compost in Preparing Your Garden Soil

A good vegetable garden needs fertile and loam soil. This will enable the vegetable to grow healthy. A perfect garden soil is seldom available outdoors and the best way to naturally re-create the growing environment is to use organic compost.

A Breakthrough in Container Gardening – Watering From Within

Watering can be a real headache in container gardening. If you have pots that are difficult to reach or hanging baskets and window boxes, how do you water the roots and keep your plants nourished and healthy – without the use of a time-controlled watering system or convoluted manual watering devices.

You Should Make a Worm Farm – This is Mother Nature’s GREATEST Ever Garden Fertilizer!

No matter what you may believe, worms can do actually do wonder’s in your garden. They strive to aerate the ground and soil and their excretion or “castings” are a fantastic form of garden fertilizer. Although it must be stressed that the common garden worm is not actually suitable for this. You will find numerous people use a red worms or tiger worms in order to make a worm farm. You can of course purchase a ready-made worm farm, but why would you want to spend all that money when you can easily build one yourself.

Get Gorgeous Blooms From Your Orange Jessamine Expert Tips For a Beautiful Plant

Orange Jessamine is associated with several other common names including Orange Jasmine, Hawaiian Mock Orange, Lakeview Jasmine, and Chinese Cosmetic Boxwood. It is classified under the Rutaceae family, which means ‘bitter herb’, with the scientific name of murraya paniculata.

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