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Thyme – A Versatile Herb For Cooking Or Landscaping

Although I have not yet met all the hundred or so types of thyme, I have to say I have yet to meet a thyme I did not like. Thymes are one of the most fragrant and pleasing herbs any gardener can grow. It is hard to pass a growth of thyme and not run your hand over the soft small leaves that smell so inviting.

Why Do You Need an Electronic Rain Gauge For Your Portable Weather Station?

A standard rain gauge will give you a pretty good indication of rainfall amounts. But an electronic rain gauge will give you more precise measurements. And whether you are a weather fanatic or just want the info to make sure your garden is getting the right amount of water, it’s a good idea to get the best information available.

Tips on Purchasing a Used Greenhouse

Buying a greenhouse is never easy, and even more so if the greenhouse is used. Among the factors you have to assess are the materials, frames and coverings. Get tips on buying a used greenhouse and raise your plants in an efficient but cost effective structure.

Hydroponic Lights

Hydroponic gardening requires three things for healthy plant growth. Water, hydroponic nutrients and special hydroponic lights. Most home hydroponic gardeners grow their plants either inside a greenhouse or in a room in their home or garage. Because this type of gardening requires less room than soil gardening you can grow more plants in a smaller space.

Do You Know Its Time to Get the Garden Ready For the Year

It is time to get the garden ready again. We want to know everything possible to make it easy. Gardening can be fun and not a lot of hard work if we let it.

Grow Lights – The Light That Plants Need

Everyone knows that plants need light. Inadequate lighting is one of the major reasons that plants die. Finding the perfect spot for that houseplant of garden can be a matter of life or death for the plant.

Controlling Weeds For Vegetable Gardening

A good gardener must know that cultivation or weeding is effective for growth control. Weeds are your garden’s most persistent enemy.

Hydroponics – The Garden of Your Dreams

In the spring, everyone dreams of the perfect garden. Seeds are bought well in advance and plans are made to prepare the dirt and decided on the garden design. The problems arise when the weather does not cooperate. The best laid garden plans can easily be ruined. Extreme temperature fluctuations can kill the seedlings or storms can wash them away. The amount of time and effort involved in gardening is a huge investment of time and money for a reward that may not materialize due to extenuating circumstances. Hydroponics can change all of that and give you the garden of your dreams.

Grow Lights – Full Spectrum Light Indoors

Grow lights are an alternative light source that can provide the necessary range of full spectrum light for plants to survive indoors. Plants need the energy from sunlight to be able to produce the starches and sugars necessary to grow and thrive. Outdoor plants usually receive all of the light that they need but plants that are inside do not. Plants that are near a window or in a greenhouse can receive the required amount of light that they need, but most indoor plants do not and need some help by using an artificial electric light source.

Fresh Tomatoes and Organic Vegetable Gardening

Where do I buy fresh tomatoes? How can I grow my own fresh organic vegetables? Why do the local fruit and vegetable suppliers deliver such tasteless produce?

Beat the Summer Heat

Everything dies during the winter, so it’s common belief that cold is the main threat to your garden. Extreme heat has its dangers too, though – and with this summer forecast to be the hottest since the pavement melting heat-wave of 1976 you had better be prepared! Get some plant parasols are a great way to shade your plants from the sun during a hot summer’s day.

Inside Secrets to Building a Compost

The first thing you will probable want to know is there any cost involved. You most likely already have what you need just laying around the yard.

Rose Care Explained

With just a bit of patience and a good knowledge base, caring for roses can not only be simple, it can be extremely rewarding as well. Roses are the royalty of the floral world, and many weekend gardeners enjoy the efforts they put into maintaining the rose beds in their own yards, read on for more information To keep roses looking their most beautiful, there are some simple but important maintenance requirements that all gardeners must heed. Luckily, these steps are easy enough for beginners to pick up quickly, and in no time even first-time rose growers can compete with…

Rose Gardening FAQ

For many new gardeners who want to grow roses, the task might seem daunting perhaps because roses have unfairly been labeled as difficult to grow. Here we offer some answers to your most frequently asked questions on roses and how to grow them. Here are some common rose gardening FAQs.

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