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Control Insect Pests in Your Garden Naturally

Insect pests can damage and even destroy your food crops. There are many insects that can attack your garden, but there are also many ways to eliminate them naturally.

Working in Your Garden

Working in your garden is a great way to relieve stress. By tenderly caring for these delicate shrubs, flowers and trees you can easily forget your daily worries.

Growing Organic Vegetables – Don’t Forget the Herbs!

As we know growing organic vegetables in our gardens and homes is a wholesome alternative to purchasing produce from stores that have been subjected to many chemical substances in the growing process. When we cook meals one of the key ingredients are flavorings and these come in lots of kinds but in essence herbs make up a large amount of these flavorings.

Growing Carnations

The good news is carnations are fairly easy to grow. Coming in over 300 species as well as hundreds of hybrids; you can generally make a carnation rainbow in your garden.

Flower Gardening Suggestions and Ideas

When we speak of gardens, the very first thing that would probably come up in our minds is flowers. Possibly because flower gardens are most beautiful and scenic of all garden types. That and the fact that flower gardens are most of the times depicted in fairy tales and movie films make the words gardens and flowers synonymous.

Keeping Miniature Roses Alive and Growing

Growing miniature roses can be rewarding as part of your rose gardening career, although caring for roses can take up much time. Rose planting, rose bush care and knowledge of roses are all part of the grand hobby of rose gardening. Growing miniature roses are commonly mistaken for small house plants that can be taken care of indoors.

Discover How Adventurous Gardeners Grow Their Tomatoes Upside Down

If you are an adventurous gardener then I have a new challenge for you. Try to grow upside down tomatoes! If you haven’t seen it done before it may sound strange but many gardeners successfully plant in this way. If done well it can look interesting and attractive and produce healthy tomatoes without the need for staking or support.

How to Extract, Process, and Store Produce Seeds?

Instead of getting your pre-packed vegetable seeds from a local store, why not get it from your own garden? Getting your vegetable seeds from an existing backyard garden has a lot of advantages, and one of this is that you get to save money.

Preserving Your Tomatoes Indoors

After you grow tomatoes indoors, you may end up with more than you need. You’re going to want a way to preserve your tomatoes so they aren’t wasted.

Easy Gardening is Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Learning some of the basics of planting tomatoes will help in the success of gowing tomatoes. A very popular way to grow tomatoes is to grow them in containers and there are many benefits for choosing this type of growing. Find out why tomato growers do it.

Garden Design and Planning – Assessing Your Property First

Before you begin breaking ground on your garden your first task should be to assess your property by doing a site analysis. You need to figure out exactly what your yard’s strengths and weaknesses are, what problems you’re going to address, and what you like or dislike about your yard. Follow the steps below to begin your assessment.

Planning Your Garden – How Will Your Yard Be Used?

It’s very important to answer the following questions early in the design process so that you will get the maximum use and enjoyment out of your yard. Gathering Ideas – Here are some ways to start the brainstorming process for ideas for how to use your yard.

Need a New Fence? Finding Help With Garden Fencing Designs

Garden fencing designs can be as unique as the person planting the garden, if you have a little creativity or know where to find help with design ideas for garden fencing. Of course, there are many books on gardening that offer unique ideas for garden fencing and many of the home improvement stores sell these books. For those that like to read gardening magazines, you will find there are all kinds of creative ideas, when you are looking for the best designs for fencing.

What is Contemporary Garden Design?

Contemporary garden design came about as land areas for gardening became less and less for house owners in the urban areas. With the small land areas, many landowners who are urbanites will prefer a modern look to their garden, just to match their personality and lifestyle.

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