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Cultivating the Aspidistra

The Aspidistra are greenhouse or dwelling-room evergreen plants. Many growers affect to despise aspidistras, but they are the most valuable of window plants, for they will thrive under conditions which few other plants will even tolerate. This probably goes back in the mind to the times of hardship and the famous Gracie Field’s song ‘The Biggest aspidistra in the World.

Tips and Suggestions For Making the Most of Your Garden Design

Garden design should show who you really are because this is where you can express yourself. You are free to do whatever you want given that it is your space.

Cultivating the Ash

The Ash are hardy deciduous trees. The common ash is botanically known as Fraxinus excelsior. Though a handsome and shapely tree, it is only suitable for planting in extensive grounds, as it grows rapidly and soon makes a specimen of very large size, which rules it out for most of us.

Italian Herb Garden – How to Easily Grow Zing and Zest in Your Own Backyard!

Italian cooking is known for its expressive use of many different, flavorful seasonings. Growing your own herbs is the very best way to have easy access to the seasonings that contribute to these wonderful foods.

Growing Tomatoes Made Easy – Part 3

Mulching, watering and fertilizing. How to take care of your tomato garden from planting to harvest.

Tools For Your Vegetable Garden

There are a number of different vegetable gardening tools currently available. Some of these are vital to a proper vegetable garden, with others being more of a luxury or rarely used item. Whether you are starting your first vegetable garden, or have been doing so for many years, it is important to know what you will need to have.

Cultivating the Artichoke

Three totally distinct genera are known as artiยญchokes. The Cynara scolymus, the globe artichoke, useful both as a table delicacy and an ornamental border plant, then the Helianthus tuberosus, the Jerusalem artichoke, a homeยญly and nutritious vegetable, and lastly the Stachys Sieboldi, the Chinese artichoke, bearing edible tubers, but of small consequence. The globe artiยญchoke is a strong fleshy-rooted hardy perennial proยญducing large handsome foliage and great thistle-like heads, the scales of which are the edible portion.

Hanging Strawberry Plants Year Round & Indoors – Fun Tasty and Economical!

Are you into growing your own fruits and vegetables? Or are you like most people who have some nice flowers trees and shrubs around your home and call it good? Fact is, most people love fresh fruits and vegetables, but don’t really have much experience in growing them. If you love juicy fresh strawberries, you can have hanging strawberry plants year round and indoors. And they couldn’t be easier to grow!

Children’s Garden Tools – They Can Garden Too!

If you love to garden and have children you should allow them to help you. Simple tasks like this can teach them a lot about the environment and the cycle of growth. Use this opportunity to enrich their lives and get them interested in the basics of life.

Why Choose Professional Garden Tools?

A new gardening tool is a lot like a new fly to a fisherman; you’re always on the look out for the next one that is bigger and better at doing the job. There is always a new tool on the horizon that you don’t have yet; transplanting trowels, rakes, spades, digging forks or hand cultivator claws.

Plants For an Indoor Herb Garden

Nothing is better than fresh herbs. They taste infinitely better than dried herbs, and you get the heartfelt pleasure of knowing you grew the plants for an indoor herb garden!

What to Do About Old Garden Tools

Gardening is considered a very active hobby that many individuals enjoy. The idea of spending time and energy to make things grow, often in a beautiful arrangement, is quite interesting to many. Gardening requires tools, however, and these can be quite expensive if the would-be gardener is interested in purchasing the latest in cutting edge horticultural endeavor technology.

Growing Tomatoes From Seeds – It’s Spring, It’s March and It’s Time to Start Planting Tomato Seeds

This is a great way to get the tomatoes which you would like rather than the ones which are available at the garden centres. They don’t regularly have a wide range and with over 7000 to choose from you should be able to find one which you like.

The Garden Tool Set – A Gardener’s Best Friend

At the first sign of good weather, (or even semi-good weather), people flock outdoors to garden. We clean out old garden beds, vegetable patches and terra cotta pots in anticipation of planting new things. For some, this means filling up your planters with homemade compost, rich in nutrients.

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