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Growing Perennials in Your Garden

Perennials are flowering plants that are local to the region where you want to grow them. These plants are very hardy as they bloom every year when in season without the need for any replanting. During the off season, the stems and flowers just wither away without leaving too much of a trace so your garden doesn’t end up looking unsightly.

How to Start Building and Planting Your Greenhouse Kit

Are you thinkΒ­ing about startΒ­ing a backΒ­yard greenΒ­house? If so, let’s first review what we know about growΒ­ing vegΒ­etaΒ­bles and plants.

Growing Herbs in Pots is Just So Easy

Growing herbs in pots is so easy you will know how to do it by the time you get to the end of this article and it’s not even a long article. Ready, let’s go.

Gardener’s Calendar For March

March is when things start getting busy in the garden. The hard, cold days of winter are gone and the weather is warming. It’s time to put the plans and dreams of February into action.

Fruit Trees in a Landscape

Every garden should have a fruit tree or two. Fruit Trees planted in a landscape solves the space problem.

Growing Capsicums

One of the most versatile and delicious vegetables is the capsicum or bell pepper. Try growing your own – it’s easy.

Tips For Keeping Your Fresh Flowers Fresh

Fresh flowers are one way to light up any room. Some people choose to grow them in their garden, adding beauty to both indoor and outdoor areas. Other people choose to give flowers as gifts to celebrate a special and meaningful occasion. Whatever the reason, bouquets make the perfect addition to any home or room. The downfall is that they tend to wilt quickly and lose their vibrant colors and stance.

Environmentally Friendly Gardening – What Can You Do?

Increasing more gardeners are concerned with gardening practices that not only beautify their environments but also with ways to garden that are environmentally friendly. While old habits sometimes die hard, a concerted effort to garden without the use of chemicals is one of the bet ways a gardener can “go green”.

Growing Plants Indoors With LED Grow Lights

Having a versatile and easy to set up and move around growing system in your home or greenhouse is an important part of any indoor growing system. The LED grow lights are designed to be as efficient as possible so that they do exactly what you want them to do. This type of light is designed to only produce the specific type of light that plants need for growth.

Make a Sundial the Focal Point of Your Garden

A beautiful way to decorate any garden is with a sundial. It can add a sophisticated touch to your garden without taking up a lot of space. A garden sundial may be used as an accent piece or as a focal point depending on the size and scope of your garden.

Monkshood or Aconite – Beware the Blue Plant

A very poisonous herb garden plant native to mountainous areas throughout northern temperate areas, monkshood was grown as a therapeutic plant for many years. In medieval times monkshood provided a toxin employed for tipping arrows as well as baiting wolves around medieval Europe, therefore earning them the name of ‘Wolf’s Bane.’

Black Roses in My Garden

Black roses do not exist naturally in nature, however, there are several “black” roses available such as the Black Bacara, Black Jade and Black Magic. The Black Baccara rose has more “black” before the bud opens and as it blooms, the black changes to a very deep mixed shade of blackberry and burgundy.

How to Grow New Daylily Plants From Proliferations

Everyone likes a freebie, especially free flowering plants such as daylilies which allow an abundant proliferation process from already grown plants. If you grow daylilies, with a little work and know-how, you can acquire plants without any expense. If you have a daylily bed or have a friend that grows daylilies, you can easily grow new daylily plants from proliferations that you have collected.

Learning More About Cold Frame Greenhouses

If you are looking to start a small garden, or are looking to improve on your existing one, you will need to learn more about cold greenhouses. Cold frame greenhouses offer you a great way to keep your plants safe from the natural elements as well as animals and insects that you do not want getting too close to your stock.

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