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Permaculture – Nature’s Garden

Gardening with nature is what permaculture and organic gardening is all about. Nature has it’s own way to keep the soil plants grow in fertile and to control disease.

How to Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

You might think that growing your own vegetable garden is a lot of work, time consuming and a hassle. The first thing that would come into your mind when you hear garden would be maintenance, time and dirt. Well, that is true.

Fish Emulsion – Tomatoes Love It

Are you tired of using commercial fertilizers on your tomatoes? Are you worried about ingesting chemicals? If so, you may be wondering about organic fertilizers. One of the most effective of these is fish emulsion: tomatoes just love it.

Epsom Salt – Tomatoes’ Friend?

Magnesium sulfate is more commonly known as epsom salt. Tomatoes and other plants need magnesium for photosynthesis. The question is, is epsom salt the best way of providing this magnesium?

How to Plant a Balcony Garden

If you have a balcony, you can grow a garden. The key is to maximize the amount of space you have available. Do not think of vegetables as only springing forth from the soil beneath your feet.

Humus – How it Can Improve the Health of Your Lawn

Humus is an organic matter that can be added to your yard, it will supply a food source that is needed for the natural organisms in soil to work on improving it’s health and structure. There are many benefits that organic matter can provide, it is a natural way to condition the soil and allow it to release it’s natural minerals in a form that plants can benefit from them.

Create an Italian Herb Garden – Let’s Start With Garlic First

People are just accustomed to buying all their herbs at the grocery store without even considering how easy it is to grow you them. Not only do herbs taste better when you home grow them in your own Italian herb garden but you don’t have to keep spending your money on them. Can a garden be called an Italian herb garden if it doesn’t have garlic?

How to Maintain Your Garden

The simplest way to spruce up your garden is to keep it free from weeds. Weeds not only spoil the look of the garden but also attract various insects and plant diseases. These diseases and pests spread from the weeds to the other plants.

Techniques For Watering the Garden

Water is the source of all sustenance. It promotes growth and health. Without water, there is no life. The issue of conserving water is huge: you don’t have to live in a desert to be conscious when consuming this commodity. It is a global subject.

Selecting a Tree to Get Started With – Bonsai

Bonsai is an art that has been in this World for centuries, and well, there’s a lot of magic in these miniature trees that certainly become part of your life! For beginners, the World of bonsai can be a daunting one.

The Different Kinds of Roses For Your Garden

Most people think that even if a rose assumes different length, size, shape and color, it is still a rose. Literally speaking, this holds true but roses have various kinds with unique characteristics that makes them advantageous and disadvantageous to plant. You need to know the different kinds of roses should you want to start with your rose gardening endeavor.

How to Replace the String on Petrol Strimmers

Owning garden petrol strimmers is a great way to maintain the upkeep of your garden area. There will be times of course when you will need petrol strimmers’ spares for your petrol garden strimmers to maintain their usage.

Have a Home Herb Garden by the End of This Article

It is so easy and so simple to have your own home herb garden that you will have one by the end of this article. But for this to work you have to know you want a home herb garden by the end of this article, so are you sure?

Greenhouse Gardening For Food and Fun

A greenhouse is an ideal place for pushing the limits of your natural climate. You control the climate, so you can experiment much more freely. You may just want to use a greenhouse to get a head start on the season’s pots and planters, or you may want to get very serious and start bedding plants for a whole garden.

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