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Understanding, What Are the Basic Garden Supplies?

Whatever type of garden you have it can be a place that gives many hours of enjoyment each year. During the summer there is very little that can compare to the feeling of lazily relaxing in a well kept garden. Maybe you would like to grow you own vegetables or flowers? If you have been delaying starting work outdoors, or perhaps you have just moved to a new home, then it is important to have a knowledge of basic garden supplies.

Understanding the Basic Garden Supplies

No matter what the size of your garden it can be an area that provides you with a lot of enjoyment. In the summer months it is a real godsend to have access to a well maintained garden. Also there is the option of growing your own vegetables and flowers. If you have recently moved into a new property, or maybe you have been delaying starting work on the garden, then you will want to know what the best garden supplies to own are.

Urban Permaculture Design

How can New York City citizens living in one of the higest density, oldest industrial corridor, live in more ecologically intelligent ways? In permaculture design we look to our history to inform our understanding. As we learn the history land use and the communities where we live we begin to see what are the relevant areas of work to address our real needs.

Early June in the Garden

Hopefully summer is now in full swing, so bedding plants should now be in position and tucked up with a little peat and fertilizer. Herbaceous plants are growing fast and should be encouraged by light feeding. If slugs are troublesome, a metaldehyde bait should be put down.

Your Greenhouse and Fruit in Early June

Please do not ignore your greenhouse because the weather appears warm, even hot in early June. Great damage can be done to tender plant by either extremes of heat or cold. A strong sun can burn, but equally the thermometer should not be allowed to drop below 13 C.

Homemade Greenhouse – A Gardening Structure on a Budget

Hope for those who believe that a greenhouse is too expensive. Encouragement for those who would like to build a greenhouse but are concerned about which route to take. Advice regarding the many types of greenhouses that one might choose to build.

Winter Vegetable Gardening – Harvest Year Round

Encouragement for those who would like to extend the growing season or get a head start on the growing season. An eye opener for those who believe that vegetable gardening is only a summer affair.

Become an Instant Herb Expert With Herb Garden Kits

You will have a wonderful sense of accomplishment once you are an herb expert. But between now and then is much experience that must be gained over time.

Winter Vegetable Gardening – At Below Zero Fahrenheit

One man’s experience with below zero vegetable gardening. Encouragement for others that would like to harvest vegetables during the winter using simple unheated greenhouses, row covers and garden tunnels.

Cat Deterrents and Garden Birds

If you have a problem with cats coming into your garden scaring or even killing your garden birds then you may want to get a cat repellent. Although there are many cat repellents available to buy on the market there are also a number of simple things you can do and deterrents you can make from household objects.

Making Decisions For Your Vegetable Garden

Your decision to have a vegetable garden may be based on a number of things such as reducing food expenses. If you you yield enough vegetables, you can sell them at your local farmers’ market or to your friends and neighbors. It is not difficult to start a vegetable garden but you should have a plan.

The Hobby of Bonsai

According to some studies and according to bonsai enthusiasts, growing these miniature trees provides therapeutic relief. People who create bonsai as a hobby have found that they are able to relax while caring for their trees.

Starting an Herb Garden – What You Need to Know

Ready to grow an herb garden? Learn how to get started.

Herb Garden Plants – Milkwort For Snakebites

The genus is named after its supposed virtue of visibly increasing milk yield in cows when they graze on milkwort. The Seneca Indians were observed to use the stored milkwort roots to treat rattlesnake bites.

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