Planting Microgreens in My Parent’s Potting Shed + a Tour of My Parent’s Christmas Decor! 🥰🌱💚

Things to Think About Prior to Purchasing a Home Composter

There are unlimited ways and reasons to make compost, and thankfully there are a bunch of options for buying a home composter that fits your needs. Here are a few things to consider before you begin.

Is a Mini Herb Garden For You?

Do you want to create your own herb garden but do not like the idea of hard work? Smile, because I have just the right solution for you – a mini herb garden in the size that you prefer!

Want to Succeed With Herb Garden Designs?

Before you start putting your ideas of herb garden designs onto paper do ask yourself the following questions. Believe me it is to your advantage to know the answers to these questions as they will help you to shape your herb garden designs into that ideal herb garden for you and your family.

Anyway You Want it Windowsill Herb Garden

You’ve heard the excuses. I don’t have enough space or my windowsill is too narrow, it’s not deep enough or it’s too small. But you only need to think just a little out of the box and you can come up with a windowsill herb garden of your design that you will be glad you have created.

Growing Herbs With an Italian Flair

An introduction to herb gardening including a historical perspective of Italian influences on herb usage. Information is included that will give a prospective herb gardener insight into what is involved in growing Italian herbs and its rewards.

Allotment Plot – The Vegetable Patch Has Grown Into the Much Sort After Allotment

An enjoyable and growing pastime seems to be more and more popular in this ever changing economical climate. Ever thought of having your very own allotment? If you did and you still want to take one on you had better be quick. Very few people that currently have these little havens are giving them up, so finding any available will soon be like finding a diamond in your own garden…

Aisles, Paths and Walkways – Moving “Improved” Soil

Everyone please remember that 90-95% of the work of growing healthy plants is done by the process of photosynthesis using 3 elements that come from the air, and made possible by sunlight and the attendant warm temperatures, plus water. 5%+ of the work is done by the other 13 essential nutrients, which man can control and supply.

Do I Have to Remove the Grass Before Installing My Grow-Box? Can I Put a Weed Barrier Down?

The general rule for garden preparation is – REMOVE ALL WEEDS and other materials, down to the bare ground. Therefore, if it is possible you should – with shovel, hoe and rake, sod cutter, tiller, or whatever you have – dig up and remove all weeds (and grass is a weed in this instance, since Dr. Mitt’s definition of a weed is “a plant out of place”), including the roots, rhizomes, and runners of all perennial weeds.

The Benefits of Having Essential Herb Garden Kits For Your Indoor Garden

Whether you are a novice or an expert, purchasing essential herb garden kits can be the perfect solution for your indoor garden. It simplifies the entire process while allowing you to grow an exquisite garden. Here are just a few of the many ways you can benefit from an herb garden kit.

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