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Indoor Fruit Trees – Five Important Care Tips You Need to Know

Indoor fruit trees are gaining in popularity with all levels of gardeners due to their fragrant, tropical scent and bountiful yield of fresh fruit right in your own home. While these beautiful container trees are generally easy to care for, there are a few important tips you’ll need to know.

Stink For the Sweets – Flower Garden Fertilizers

If you keep compost, (and you should), you can give each plant a small drink of special tea to give them nutrients galore. Start with one to two cups of dry compost material and then add it to a gallon of warm water.

Building Your New Garden

Did you ever look at a garden in someone’s yard and wonder how they made it come out so nice? It is not really all that difficult to build a simple and beautiful garden from start to finish.

What Kind of Garden Do You Want?

There are many ways to create a nice garden or landscape for your home. Ideally the yard would be a reflection of your style or personality.

For Organic Rose Gardening Use Composting and Save Money

Mary, Mary how does your garden grow? Many rose enthusiasts have turned to organic rose gardening as they become more involved in protecting our environment from harmful chemicals. Roses have been grown for thousands of years and long before chemical products were ever introduced.

How to Build a Backyard Greenhouse Easily

If you want to save money and do something that is fun for your whole family, you will want to learn how to build a backyard greenhouse. It will allow you to be self sufficient as you can start to create your own source of renewable energy too.

Building Greenhouses – Humidistats and Ventilation

So you have a greenhouse, that shelters where you place your flora and foliage and keep it under wraps until the proper time comes. Sure enough, building greenhouses is important for fruiting and vegetative growth. For the most part, however, one would need the proper accessories for a successful greenhouse.

A Garden For All Seasons – Best Seasons For Gardens

Properly cared for, all seasons are best for your garden. No, I am suggesting that your garden will grow during the fall and winter, that would be crazy.

Wise Addition to Your Vacation

Relaxing in a comfortable place – The credit crunch has focused people’s minds in terms of finding different ways of saving money and reducing the amount of outgoings for their families. As a result the self catering holiday has become much more popular. The ultimate package holiday which is fully inclusive is occasionally brought out but if you wish to holiday on a fairly regular basis, then you have to have self catering as part of your options.

How Gardening Can Wash Away the Winter Blues

With winter upon us, we typically feel a little down in the dumps. We may even complain of having Cabin Fever. So this is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn and garden supply needs.

How to Plant a Hedge

Hedges come in many shapes and sizes so planting them can be just as varied. So let’s start with the simplest. In the UK our landscape is crossed by tens of thousand of miles of hedges going back hundreds of years – or even longer.

The Family Garden

The need for the family garden is greater today than ever before. It seems that in the modern day rush of life that many have begun to feel that something is missing. The more we run, the deeper the aching grows. To spite the incredible benefits of all our time saving devices and programs, we find that we are busier than ever, and to spite long hours of focused work, we feel that we are contributing little that is of intrinsic value.

How to Create and Care For a Rose Tree Garden

As the name suggests, rose trees are roses made to resemble a tree, a very small tree at that. You probably have seen one already, if not, it looks like a rose with a trunk! Rose trees are special in that it adds dimension and height to a garden. Just imagine a spot in your backyard in three layers of roses, the tree in the middle surrounded by bush roses and miniature roses at the edge. Talk about rose overdose.

How to Grow a Beautiful Orange Tree If You Live in a Sub-Tropical Or Colder Climate

People who live in northern climates do not really know what an orange tree looks like. The orange tree does not grow well or survive in colder climates.

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