Planting Onion Sets: What to Watch Out For

How to Create Cottage Garden Rooms

Garden rooms in cottage style are beguiling, romantic and bohemian; they draw us in and enchant with blasts of colour, variety of form and all-season use. Through careful forethought, planning and soil preparation you can construct an awesome garden room space, a true extension to your home’s internal living area, and add considerable value to your home at the same time.

Give Your Tomato Plants Support: Tips on Staking and Caging

Do you want to learn how to make your tomato plants grow taller and produce even more fruit? Many people overlook using supports to keep their plants growing vertically and off the ground. It’s easy to do, and your plants will be more healthy for your efforts.

Heavenly Hyacinths

Hyacinth’s scent pervades the house from their containers; plant them on the balcony to captivate as we pass through to the garden. Originating from the Mediterranean and western Asia, the ones we see today are developed in Holland. The Dutch hybrids have a single flower.

Orchid Care: Orchid Keeping For The New Blood

Orchids are beautiful flowers that make great gifts. The problem is that many people are intimated by these flowers when, with adequate time and care, there is really no need to be. Here you will learn the top three concerns new orchid keepers have and what to do about them.

Growing Tomatoes From Seed – Step by Step Instructions for Growing Tomatoes From Seed Successfully

This step by step instruction on growing tomatoes from seed will guide you easily through the process of how to grow tomatoes from seeds from germinating the tomato seeds to transplanting your tomato seedlings into pots. Tomato seeds need basic growing conditions and are no different from most other garden seeds. They need warm temperatures, plenty of fresh water, nutrient rich composted soil, and finally loads of sunlight.

Plant Stands – Excellent Way to Show Off Your Beautiful Plants

Plants and flowers are essential to man’s existence as they serve an ample number of purposes. Aside from its biological significance, it can be used as decorative ornaments to add charm and comfort to every area where it is being grown and displayed. Such timeless adornments would look even more visible and stunning if complemented with the appropriate accessories like elegant plant stands.

Best Vegetable to Grow in the Garden – A Practical Guide

Ever wonder what are the best vegetables to grow in the garden? Well, that’s the question most beginner growers would most likely ask when they’re just about to start their own garden. That’s a very valid question and one that takes ample consideration.

Kids Sandbox – Great Addition to Outdoor Play

If you are interested in a sandbox, there are a lot of little things that you should know about it. It is a great idea to get a sandbox for your children and there are many reasons why.

The Single Best Hydroponic Lighting System for Flowering and Budding Plants

The early concept of hydroponic system used standard fluorescent light bulbs. Foot candle was the measurement system to determine the light intensity. In that system, one candle’s brightness equals 1 foot away from the plant. In today’s time, the same power is termed one lumen. The plants are cultivated indoors require 2,000 lumens per square foot.

Poppies – How to Create A Stunning Oriental Poppy Border

Poppies are loved the world over for their decadent style, their easy growing form, and their iconic status amongst the range of garden plants. You can put poppies into almost any garden setting, where they’ll thrive and liven up even the quietest of garden borders. But if you really want to create an explosive border of color with your Oriental poppies then a few steps must be taken too.

Papaver Somniferum Seeds – Color Combination’s for Your Garden

If you’re looking at introducing poppies to your garden then one of the best groups to use are Papaver somniferum seeds. These vibrant and annual poppies will grow in even the harshest of conditions, will flower profusely, and will produce thousands of seeds at the end of the year which you can then collect and save for culinary means or for sowing new plants. And while you may think of Papaver somniferum poppies as rather boring, there are a fantastic range of different colors to fill your garden with.

3 Essential Hydroponic Nutrients and Why They Work So Well

The hydroponic nutrient solutions are formulated based on the plant’s need. The 3 common formulas are the…

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