Planting Rock ‘N Grow® ‘Lemonjade’ Sedum

Flower Box and Other Gardening Stuff

For the record, most home and gardening enthusiasts are into adding flower box as part of their interior decorating plan. As we all know flower boxes are gardening containers that are normally used for indoor gardening due to lack of backyard or gardening space at home.

Weed Control Service and What It Can Do for Your Yard and Garden

Weeds are indeed huge problems not just for gardeners but also for homeowners who want to maintain immaculate and attractive-looking lawns. Weeds are known to grow fast and in huge numbers and no one would ever want to spend too much time weeding a garden, lawn or yard. Now, one option to consider is to call for weed control service as it can be the smart solution to weeds that destroy a beautiful landscape and a sprawling attractive lawn. Learn more about this kind of service, how it can help you, the costs of such service and how you can maintain a great-looking greenery at home with the smallest of hassles.

Small Garden Design: What You Need to Do

For people who love plants, a small garden is a curse. But it shouldn’t be. As a matter of fact, small gardens can be such a delight if you apply small garden designs that make your space look a lot bigger.

Deer-Resistant Trees

Careful tree selection and tree removal may be the best way to keep deer off of your property this spring. Planting trees and shrubs in one’s yard is both a challenging and satisfying experience. The beautiful scenery, natural appeal, and environmental benefit that trees afford makes the work and cost of gardening worthwhile, but trees often invite unwanted guests who use them as nesting material, infest their trunks and fruit, or eat leaves and branches.

Orchid Care: What You Need to Know About Caring for Orchids

Caring for orchids has been thought to be a complicated hobby by some. However, orchids come in so many varieties that there is sure to be something for you. Whether you are a novice gardener or a skilled horticulturist, there is sure to be an orchid type that will fit into your budget both time and money wise.

Have Beautiful Winter Blooms When You Force Bulbs

A lot of us now are looking ahead to many months of cold dreary weather, with snow on the horizon. This doesn’t have to be a depressing time, with a little planning and patience, we can have beautiful spring blooms in the dead of winter.

The Advantages of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic systems provide nutrients directly to the plants via a nutrient-rich mixture of water and oxygen. This is a more effect of way than with soil since all of the nutrients are directly delivered to the roots instead of being filtered through soil which can leach some nutrients before they reach the plant. This effect gives you more and healthier plants than plants grown in the soil.

Good Value Garden Seeds Spell Sprouting Success For All The Family

Whether new to gardening or an experienced pro, knowing how to source quality garden seeds is the first step in planning the year’s growing program. Natural gardening with non GMO garden seeds means producing the vegetables, herbs and flowers you want, right from the seed.

Bark Is Good Stuff

“Bark for the garden”, I was not convinced. However, years later, garden bark is my favourite gardening product. And there are some simple reasons as to why.

The How To’s and Benefits to Having a Garden Gourmet Composter

A lot of you may have a few lingering questions as to what a Garden Gourmet Composter is, and what the benefits are when it comes to using it? Apart from that, what are the how to steps to making it work? A garden gourmet composter is a composter that has been created using recycled plastic material (made out of 100% Polyethylene). Aside from its wide recognition and easy assembling procedure (one of the many compost bins that are commonly sold and bought today), this compost bin also helps trap in heat for the whole course of decomposition (for a faster means to breaking down decaying organic materials).

Hydroponic Garden Kits

Are you going to start an indoor garden and want a hydroponic system to help your garden grow better? Do you want to get the facts about these kits before you buy one? Then look no further because this article is going to tell you all about them.

The Basics on How to Install a Sprinkler System

There are certain companies that can install your sprinkler system at home or wherever you want it. They can install for as many as 50 sprinkler systems per year both from residential and commercial sprinkler systems installation.

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