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Growing Container Tomatoes Guide

Are you also fond of gardening? What type of plants do you usually have in your garden? But, what if you do not have enough space for a new garden plant like tomatoes? Well, growing container tomatoes is a great option when your living space is not enough for garden or when your garden was infested by harmful fungi diseases, nematodes and other soil problems.

Rare Roses For Your Rose Flower Garden

Are you tired of looking at the same roses everywhere you turn? Maybe it’s time your rose flower garden stood out with it’s rare collection of roses. You can bet you will make heads turn!

The Chinese Boxwood is an Evergreen With Fragrant White Flowers and Dark Green Leaves

One of the nice traits of the Chinese boxwood shrub is its leaves do not lose color or fall off during the winter season. Even though it is classified as a shrub, when provided with proper soil, sun and climate, it can grow as tall as 12 feet. You can customize the size and shape of the Chinese boxwood with pruning.

Why Grow Upside Down Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are always found in very home garden and you cannot only see them growing abundantly in soil beds but gardeners and planters nowadays are already starting new ways to let them grow- they now grow upside down tomatoes. Are you wondering how to do it? This growing upside down tomatoes technique is already featured in TV’s and in most shopping channels.

Organic Fertilizing Tips For Your Garden

Let’s start by defining and looking at the word organic. Organic simply means natural. Organic relates to the natural environment. Anything that is natural is organic for instance leaves are natural so they are organic, blood meal which is a by product from animals is organic, even a phosphorus which comes out of the ground is also organic.

How Do Plants Grow?

Have you ever given much thought to question: How do plants grow? As your probably aware, there is more to it than just plopping a seed in the soil and adding water. Several chemical reaction and growth factors come into play. Once you understand these growth factors, growing any plant, flower or vegetable becomes a heck of a lot easier and rewarding. Let’s begin.

Best Method of Growing Strawberries – Follow These Tips For the Sweetest Berries and Maximum Yield

Growing strawberries in raised beds, from September to November is perfect, if such exists. Raised beds enhance production, and provide extra drainage for plants, while the fruits can grow at ground level. Mounding soil along the edge at six inches high is essential to keep the plant from rotting.

Garden Flags – Use it to Decorate Your Home and Garden

One can make use of the flags for so many purposes like parties decoration welcome signs etc. The Garden flags give a very special look to the exteriors of the home and the garden as well as used by a lot of people. It looks good even when is hanged at the outside of the home or just grouted into the ground.

How to Save Your Garden From the Scorching Mid-Summer Heat

The sun is a killer and it can be very scorching and hot at times. Some of the peak temperatures in summer are very high and this is not good for plants. Summer is normally a bad time for plants and vegetables and your garden. The sun will be very hot and it can damage and destroy plants and vegetables.

Gardening – A Guide to Growing Corn

Corn will grow best during summer as it prefers warm weather. Try to plant your corn about 14 days before the last frost and to stop your various varieties of corn form cross-pollinating each other, stagger your plantings about a week apart. This will also make harvesting a lot easier as the corn will not be ready all at the same time.

How to Plant Your Garden

Starting a garden is quite simple and easy, it is not like quantum physics and there are numerous benefits to starting your own garden and growing your own food. By planting and growing your own food you will be able to live a very healthy and positive life. You will be able to eat good and healthy food.

How to Maintain Your Garden Throughout the Year

Maintaining your garden throughout the year is something that most people find themselves failing to do. There is a lot that needs to be understood when it comes to home gardening before one decides on taking the principles of maintaining a beautiful garden throughout the year.

Putting the Organic Kibosh on Weeds

The idea of starting an organic garden often begins with great enthusiasm and lofty thoughts of healthier living. Then reality kicks in – this is hard work! And not the least of your gardening problems are weeds. How do you best handle them without resorting to the very tempting option of using chemical herbicides?

The Ease and Mobility of Solar Lights

In your landscape lighting design, once you have dug the trench and buried conventional electrical cable, you have no choice but to stick with the original plan throughout the upcoming years. You have no option to change that design because of new landscape designs or simply boredom with the same look all the time. Sometimes your plants or trees grow so fast that the lighting is not focused in the right place anymore.

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