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Basic Steps to Starting a Compost Pile

Creating a compost pile is one of the simplest jobs you can do around your garden and landscape. However, it is also just about the most effective use of your time because it pays big dividends in the form of vibrant soil and healthy plants. As investments go, composting cannot be beat.

Tips For Planting Window Boxes For Year Round Beauty

Window boxes and other plant containers can be enjoyable year round. Just because it might not be summer any longer does not mean those pots have lost their use until next year. Create some texture and color for winter box use.

Buying the Best Garden Tools

Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned old pro, selecting the best garden tools should be top on your list of spring purchases. We will look at a few of the must have tools to make gardening both pleasant and rewarding, and help you in making your lawn exactly as you have always wanted it to be.

Why Choose Quality Garden Tools?

For the gardening enthusiast, having quality tools and gardening accessories makes the outdoor experience all that more rewarding. Tools that are manufactured to higher specifications are more reliable, and will perform better than the ones of lesser standard, and with a minimum of maintenance.

Stainless Steel Garden Tools

If you have a garden, and are in the market for some new gardening tools, check out how stainless steel garden tools can benefit you. Stainless steel is a metal alloy that is extremely durable and rust resistant, so it is no wonder why so many gardening experts recommend your tools be made of stainless steel.

Composting – Turning Waste Into Soil – Improving Compost

Compost is easy to make, cost–free and a great way to improve your garden’s soil. You don’t need any special equipment, just some household waste, minimal effort and a bit of patience!

Go Wireless With Cordless Garden Tools

Gardening has become more and more popular among families and even children. Families look at it as a way to spend time together while growing food or flowers in the process. If you are indeed an individual who has a green thumb or just has a passion for gardening then it is certain you are constantly looking for items that make gardening easier and more efficient.

The Importance of a Garden Tool Sharpener

Not only kitchen knives but garden tools must be kept sharp as well. When the tools are sharp the job at hand will be completed fast, saving you time for other things. Sharp tools are also safer. Dull ones tend to slip off their intended surface because of their own dull surface.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Grow Herbs

One of the greatest reasons to grow herbs is that they are good for your health. Most herbs have either antibacterial properties or antiviral properties in them. Your body will never get immune to these free radical fighters.

Essentials of Aero Garden

Aero garden is a computerized technology which tells you when to add water in the plants as well as when to drop the nutrient. This technology really helps for us specially those cooks who wanted to have fresh herbs. It is advisable for us people to have aero garden, simply because you can plant anytime and put it inside your home.

Raised Bed Garden Soil Preparation

The process of dressing the soil means adding a layer of good quality soil which involves and mixture of sand mould, peat, loam, manure, dried sludge. Soil dressing is done mainly in autumn or in spring. The turf needs to be made denser so that moss and weeds do not sprout or infest the lawn. The surface is leveled by this procedure and the hollows too get filled with this top dressing. One part of granulated peat, 4 parts of loam, 2 parts of river sand, is the general mixture prepared for an average soil which is then put through a sieve 1/4th inch thick.

How to Grow the Exotic Peanut Plant

You may not consider peanuts to be exotic, but once you learn how they grow, you’ll want to grow one of your own. Peanut plants send stalks down into the ground which propagate peanuts on them. Not many plants send above-ground appendages into the ground like this.

5 Ways to Keep Your Lawn and Garden Beautiful This Season

Much of the hard work of keeping a lawn lush and healthy is keeping the soil healthy as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn with a good topsoil base, then much of that hard work is done for you.

Organic Pest Control – Why to Try It

A brief discussion of the reasons you should try organic pest control techniques. How you can protect your garden and help the environment. We’ll show you how.

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