Planting Snapdragon Seeds! 🌸🌱🌿 // Garden Answer

How to Plant a Native Wildflower Garden Using Plant Plugs

Learn in a few easy steps how to plant a native wildflower garden. The whole family will enjoy watching the birds and butterflies that come to visit your native wildflower garden.

Raised Bed Gardening – Building the Structure

The purpose of constructing a raised bed garden can be varied; adding visual interest to the landscaping, reducing the amount of bending and stooping required as you tend to your garden, and providing an optimal growing environment where soil conditions are less than ideal. To begin your raised bed garden, the first step is to decide the dimensions you would prefer. Probably the most widely used depth dimension used is four feet (48″).

Planting Colorful, Healthy Blueberry Bushes

The first step to planting colorful, healthy blueberry bushes is to get your blueberry seeds wet as soon as you put them in their plot. Make sure the soil you are using is not afraid of keeping in plenty of moisture for the plant. Water is very important- if the plants are too dry, they will definitely die. Start out watering three times a week.

Learning to Grow Roses

Learning to grow roses is not as complicated as it seems. With a few basic considerations and advance planning you will be gardening like a pro. No magic required!

Growing Tips For Tomato Plants – For a Successful Experience

Growing tomatoes is not an easy task, but is something that with a little extra information can have a positive outcome. Growing tips for tomato plants will hopefully help make this adventure a successful one. There are a couple of elements all plants need to grow and they all involve care.

Potting Shed Plans and Other Tips For Your Dream Potting Shed

A potting shed is a type of shed used for gardening. These sheds have skylights or windows, ventilation grills as well as a potter’s bench for re-potting plants and mixing soil. The purpose of a potting shed is for storing all your gardening supplies, tools and more. For avid gardeners, this is a good place to relax and unwind.

Organic Fertilizer – Give Your Plants a Natural Boost

Make your garden come alive and try out some natural gardening products. This article reports on the benefit of using organic fertilizer on your plants.

The Meaning of Rose Colors

Rose color meanings developed through years of use and associations with emotions. Today, roses are given to express specific sentiments.

The Perfect Way to Plant the Perfect Rose Bush

Growing roses isn’t nearly as hard as most people think it is, but it does require a certain level of knowledge and a green thumb to grow beautiful roses. Here is information that will help you to plant the perfect rose bush, in the perfect way, so that you, your family, and your neighbors can enjoy beautiful roses in your perfect rose garden for many years to come.

What is a Lean to Greenhouse and What Are Its Advantages?

A lean to greenhouse is a greenhouse that is usually attached to the house such as the house’s wall structure. While a free standing greenhouse is a greenhouse that is generally built and put up to stand on its own and support itself separate from the house.

Container Vegetable Gardens – Growing Vegetables in Pots

Small space gardening is a reality for many urban and suburban families. Even though we’ve left the roomy rural farms of our forefathers, we haven’t lost the desire to grow some of our own food, and so we are faced with finding ways to garden with less land. If you count yourself among these space challenged gardeners, don’t despair.

A Hydroponics Guide on the Benefits

Hydroponics has been around for centuries before Christ but only in the last forty years has it been truly developed. In this modern age where people stop and think of what they eat, organic products have become in demand. In fact, several movements to go organic have been established.

Rethinking All Natural Fertilizer Systems

All natural fertilizers are a part of and enhance the natural process of replenishing the soil. Understanding the process is the first step to successfully bring nature back to you lawn and garden. Nature’s system involves multiple processes that include replacing lost and dissipated organic material, renewing microbial growth, tilling and turning topsoil, and recycling waste matter.

Dill – Much More Than Just an Herb For Dill Pickles

Dill has been used for much more than making dill pickles. It has been used for treating anything from digestion problems to hiccups. The Romans used dill to stimulate the gladiators before battle. It can grow in our home gardens or in containers.

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