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A Garden Herb For Beginners

Living in high rise condominiums or apartments nowadays, do not provide us with options for garden spaces, at times not even a terrace or balcony. But there is a simple solution where you can enjoy your own garden and also have fresh produce available in your kitchen – an indoor herb garden. Setting up an indoor garden herb for beginners like you can be as easy as learning your ABC if you know what you are doing.

Watering Tomatoes – Do You Know the Right Methods?

You have decided to plant tomatoes in your backyard. Now you would like to know what is the best way of watering. Tomatoes are easy to take care of, provided that you keep a few tips in mind.

Getting Started in Home Gardening

Being around flowers, plants and gardens in general relaxes the mind and is very therapeutic for most people. This is why a lot people have taken up the hobby of gardening in their spare time. This article goes over some tips to get started in gardening at home.

Caring For Your Roses

Roses are wonderful flowers, but they do need a certain amount of care and attention. No matter how challenging the care of roses can be, it’s always rewarding to see a strong and flourishing rose bush. While it’s true that you will spend more time on rose maintenance than with many other plants, the care you give them can be done easily while simply enjoying the blooms.

Rose Colors, Numbers, Chocolates, and Meanings

It is important to keep in mind that the giver conveys the meaning of a gift of roses. Not the guidelines listed in this article. If the color choice and number seem inappropriate, the implications may be unintended.

So What Are Rose Tree Gardens?

“Say Again?” Those are most likely the words you’ll hear if you tell someone who loves roses that they came from rose tree gardens. It is widely known that roses grow in bushes, shrubs or climbing plants, but what a lot of people don’t know some come from rose tree gardens. If you are one of those people who have no idea that such a plant, or garden, exists, read on.

Organic Rose Gardening – Tips For Growing Organic Roses

Organic rose gardening is becoming the preferred method of growing roses for more and more rose gardeners. Discover the benefits and you’ll want to try growing organic roses as well.

Fall Blooming Perennial Flowers

With so many perennial flowers to choose from, it can be a difficult task to choose the right varieties, colors and heights that will work with your garden design plans. It’s also tough to know at what time of year each will be in bloom. You need to mix and match colors, shapes and sizes effectively to achieve the desired outcome. When planning your gardens, the best place to start is one season at time.

The Secrets of Good Soil

Healthy soil is the secret of creating a beautiful garden. If you can identify whether you soil is sand or clay and understand your soil’s pH and how it effects nutrients availability, then you are half way there to solving many of your plants health problems. Good soils smell and feel fantastic.

Blooms, Berries, and Beauty in the Fall Garden

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I just love the cool, crisp air which makes walking in the garden so much more enjoyable. I enjoy Fall gardening for the same reason-it’s cooler.

Roses – Fall Blooming Beauties

Now that our weather is cooling off a bit, roses are beginning to give us another great show. Even the most popular repeat blooming roses often bloom sparingly during our summer heat. I don’t blame them-I don’t think I’d bloom either! But roses, like us, enjoy this time of year, because the temperatures are more to their liking.

Herb Gardening Success Tips

Herbs are wonderful plants that have been around forever and serve many varying purposes. From treating illnesses to cooking and even believed by many to possess magical powers. In recent years Herb gardening has increased in popularity. Have you considered started a garden? If so, let me share with you some tips and things to consider as you begin.

The Beauty of Herb Garden Plants

Herbs come in a variety of different types and just like other plants some are perennials, while others are annuals or biennials. Each type of herb will have different growing needs that you’ll want to learn about in order to properly care for the plant. This short article is a good beginning point for educating yourself about the types of herbs available and their purposes.

Which Herbs Are Best Grown in Pots?

Growing herbs in pots is a very practical option for those who do not have enough garden space and for those living in apartments. It gives you the same holistic high you experience when growing herbs outdoors and also helps you add the additional touch of flavor and good health to your food by being right in your home maybe even next to the kitchen sink.

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