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Simple Home Lawn Care Tips

Here are some simple ideas that you can use for your lawn care efforts. It isn’t as hard as your friends and family make it out to be.

How I Grow Thyme In My Herb Garden

Thymus is a small evergreen aromatic woody-based dwarf shrub. It is easy to grow as it doesn’t mind dry conditions and grows well with other herbs.

Learn About Different Flowers For Your Garden

Perhaps you want to start a small garden or something that can live on its own. So what is the best thing to do?

Epidendrum Orchid – Unbeatable Tips to Care for Them

Epidendrum Orchid is such a lovely creation that is very easy to tend to. In fact, it is a favorite variety amongst orchid enthusiasts because of its low maintenance. It is very easy to care for and does not require too much fuss and frills. This is one reason why in my collection of orchid plants, it is one of those that doesn’t seem to stop blooming.

A Greenhouse For Beginners – A Cheap and Easy Method

If you’re thing about making a personal greenhouse for your own garden but just don’t have any experience with how to plan one out or build it, not to fear, this article is going to point out some of the most important points to consider in the process. Think of it as a greenhouse for beginners 101 guide.

Quick Guide To Feeding Your Grass At Home

Fertilizing a lawn takes some care an attention. Here is a quick guide to start off on the right foot.

Organic Gardening Balancing The Elements

Organic gardening is not some mystical process attainable by only a select few gardening guru’s or former hippies living in houses caulked with manure. Organic food offers many health advantages, and growing your own organic vegetables can save a bundle of green at the market. Balancing all the elements is the key.

What Is So Good About A Hybrid Orchid And Should I Buy One?

If this is your first time growing an orchid, a hybrid would be a good choice. As often happens with breeding, the best qualities of the species are carried forward and combined in the hybrid to produce a much more robust plant.

Growing Grapes From Seeds And Cuttings

Growing grapes from cuttings and seeds is a question many people will want to know the answer to. It is possible for anyone to do either method of grape growing. Of course it is simply a choice of which you feel more comfortable with. However you need to know a few things about both methods before you decide which to use.

The Three Classes of Orchid Types

There are three classes that comprise 15,000 species of orchids. The main differences in these classes has to do with where the orchid grows and how is receives water and nourishment.

Four Guidelines for Caring for Cattleya Orchids

Cattleya orchids are known for being the corsage orchids. Growers also have them as houseplants. They generally have six petals and have specific guidelines in their caring and feeding to produce beautiful and bright flowers.

Watering Your Orchids

Various types of orchids would mean different ways to water them. There are orchids which require more while the others can live for a couple of days and even weeks even without watering them.

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